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About TAP

Water is the No. 1 issue in Colorado, if not the entire West, and Denver Water employees are the water experts. Our customers trust us to deliver safe, clean, great-tasting drinking water to their homes and businesses. Customers, community leaders, schools, the news media and other stakeholders look to us for answers and information about our most precious natural resource.

TAP’s mission:

  • To showcase the work of Denver Water and its employees.
  • To educate the 1.5 million people we serve and the communities in which we operate about water issues, including conservation, infrastructure, business and environmental concerns.
  • To explain the science and technology behind water treatment and delivery and water-related issues.
  • To take audiences behind the scenes and show what it takes to deliver water from a snowflake to their TAP.
  • To lend Denver Water’s expertise to the ongoing conversation about water.
  • To engage employees in the mission, expertise and accomplishments of Denver Water.

TAP is produced by the Public Affairs division of Denver Water.