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What she really wants for Valentine's Day

Forget diamonds and chocolate. We have something better in mind.

Editor’s note: This story was updated in February 2019.

Happy Singles Awareness Day, everybody!

While some of us (ahem) may be celebrating our loneliness with bags of chips, pints of ice cream and a whole lotta Netflix this Valentine’s Day, others are in more of a lovey-dovey state of mind.

You might be wondering, “What heartfelt message does Denver Water have for me this year?”

So glad you asked.

No matter what you’re celebrating, or who you’re celebrating with, there’s one love we all share: a steamy affection for water.

Sure, it’s healthy to love water, what with its life-sustaining qualities and all.

But that love affair can go too far. I’m looking at you, toilets. Sometimes they — particularly those older models — want to hog all the water for themselves.

That’s when you know it’s time for an upgrade.

Lucky for you, Denver Water has a rebate program that can save you money depending on the type of toilet you choose. A WaterSense-labeled toilet uses an average of 1.1 gallons per flush or less.

So, why not take advantage this Valentine’s/Singles Awareness Day and get your special someone/yourself a new toilet?

Move over, diamonds. This year, water efficiency is a woman’s best friend.