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Meet the TAP Staff

Jay Adams

Jay is a content producer who loves telling a good story. He brings a news background to TAP as a multimedia journalist, producing stories and videos about employees, projects and water industry news. Adams worked as a broadcast news producer at KCNC-TV in Denver before joining the Denver Water team in 2013. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Iowa State University, where he got his start reporting the news for the campus TV station. His passion for water comes from growing up on a lake in Minnesota and spending his summers sailing and water skiing. Jay is an avid skier, snowboarder and mountain biker who loves teaching his two daughters about all Colorado has to offer and the importance of water in the West.

Matt Bond

Matt is a contributing writer and voice-over provider. He serves as the youth education program manager for Denver Water. His daily challenge: engage tots, tweens and teens in the story of water and the need for conservation. Matt has worked at Denver Water for more than 25 years, much of that time in water operations. He is very adept at translating water-utility jargon into plain old everyday English — and Spanish. When not at work, Matt enjoys woodworking, reading, following the city’s professional sports teams and listening to music. Unfortunately, as the married father of two daughters, he doesn’t get much time to do any of those things. Instead he mostly chauffeurs, fixes broken things around the house, maintains his water-friendly yard, unclogs toilets and attempts to navigate modern jargon and sulking.

Stacy Chesney

Stacy is Denver Water’s public affairs director and serves as executive editor of TAP.  She helped launch TAP many years ago and is now proud to see it grow under the leadership and talents of our news team. Prior to Denver Water, she was the communications director for the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations and worked at smaller nonprofits earlier in her career. Originally from Chicago (and a die-hard Michael Jordan fan), Stacy holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Northwestern University and a graduate certificate in PR and marketing from the University of Denver. In her spare time, she tries to keep up with her ever-growing kiddos who never seem to tire, and get into the great outdoors or see live music whenever possible.

Kristi Delynko

Kristi has spent her career working with nonprofit and public service organizations in both internal and external communications. Kristi began her career on the East Coast before heading for Las Vegas, where she truly learned to appreciate the value of water in a desert. Kristi and her family moved to Colorado in 2012, where she enjoys heading out to the mountains with a CamelBak full of good ol’ Denver water for road trips, hikes and camping with her husband and son. While watching her two men fish, Kristi thinks about the boring nature of fishing and enjoys reading a good book beside a beautiful Colorado stream.

Jill Harclerode

Jill is an internal communications specialist at Denver Water. She grew up on the eastern plains of Colorado and Colorado Springs before heading to Washington, D.C., for college. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in political communications at George Washington University while working as a Segway tour guide in the nation’s capital. After graduation she served in the United States Peace Corps, first in Mali, West Africa, and then in the Comoros Islands off the east coast of Africa. Her service gave her a new appreciation for the work involved in water collection, treatment and distribution, as she had to complete many of those steps for herself during that time! Jill returned to Colorado following her Peace Corps service and worked for the federal government and later Colorado school districts. When she’s not knee-deep in a digital signage conundrum or pondering how to increase employee intranet engagement, she can be found scampering up the walls of her local climbing gym.

Todd Hartman

Todd assists with media relations at Denver Water. Prior to joining the Denver Water team, Todd led communications for the Colorado Department of Natural Resources and its six divisions, explaining the agency’s work on water policy, its regulation of oil, gas, mining, state lands and its management of parks and wildlife under Governor Hickenlooper. He also conducted media relations work for the Governor’s Energy Office during Governor Ritter’s tenure. Prior to 2009, Todd enjoyed a career in daily print journalism at four newspapers — including the late Rocky Mountain News — much of that time specializing in environment and energy coverage. Todd received a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Colorado, and later spent an academic fellowship year studying environmental issues, also at CU. He spends his free hours as a news junkie, backpacker and martini lover. He enjoys the latter with his wife Sherry, usually on the back patio of their home in Welby, where they live with an undisclosed number of cats.

Jessica Kirk

Jessica is a marketing specialist at Denver Water with more than 20 years’ experience in building strategic partnerships and creating data-driven campaigns that tell powerful brand stories. As a reservoir caretaker’s daughter, she was fortunate to grow up at two Denver Water facilities: Williams Fork Reservoir in Grand County and Strontia Springs Reservoir in Littleton. A proud graduate of Columbine High School (Go Rebels!) and Regis University, Jessica is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Denver in its professional creative writing program.

Cathy Proctor

Cathy is a writer and managing editor on the Denver Water TAP team. Before joining the team, she covered Denver Water and its storied role in the history of Denver and Colorado as an award-winning reporter at the Denver Business Journal. She enjoys telling stories about the people and issues that make up Colorado’s most complex industries, whether it’s supplying water to the millions of people who live and work in Colorado, what’s involved in keeping the lights and heat on in our homes and businesses, and how people and the things we use are transported to and throughout the state. She can chatter for hours about megawatts of electricity, barrels of oil, cubic feet of natural gas, acre-feet of water, miles of highway and the environmental, financial, social and political aspects of each. You’ve been warned.

Jamie Reddig

Jamie is a graphic designer at Denver Water, where she’s frequently asked to “make it pop” or “make the logo bigger.” She earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Colorado State University, and has 15 years of design experience. When she’s not filling all negative space with copy against her will or using Photoshop to create incriminating images of her co-workers, she enjoys skiing, traveling the world, chasing her dog Bentley, and enjoying all the state has to offer this Colorado native.

Steve Snyder

Steve oversees the executive communications function at Denver Water and is a regular contributor to TAP. He is a former award-winning television journalist with more than 20 years of communications experience. Steve’s unique talent involves being able to link Denver Water to just about any topic, from polar bears to Star Wars, Jay-Z and Donald Trump. These are the kinds of stories you get when you approach everything with the uncluttered mind of a child.

Travis Thompson

Travis is the communications manager at Denver Water, a role that centers around TAP. As editor in chief for the news site, he oversees the wide variety of articles, videos and graphics that are produced by an amazing team of storytellers. The engaging, creative and timely pieces ultimately set the foundation for Denver Water’s external and internal communication strategies. Before coming to Denver Water to field reporter calls and tweets about main breaks (typically before dawn), drought and snowpack, he spent his days talking about the scary blue horse, conspiracy theories and security lines at Denver International Airport. He spends his free time outdoors with his wife and two extremely active children and black lab, Jeremy, leading to many shameless plugs of his family scattered throughout TAP and Denver Water’s social media channels.

Kim Unger

Kim provides first-person perspectives to written stories, playful slideshows, illuminating infographics and uplifting videos. Kim’s homegrown experience ranges from publishing to web design and currently supports Denver Water through her ever-expanding abilities. Kim is passionate about listening to the needs of our community and providing educational information in a fun or interesting way. Outside of work, Kim spends much of her time with her husband, Brandon, their daughter, a black lab and two cats. Kim is an avid gamer and is always happy to break out a board game. She enjoys traveling, tackling remodeling projects, tending to her low-water-use garden and camping in Colorado’s stunning mountains. She is currently enrolled at University College at DU working on a master’s degree in creative writing.

Missy Yoder

Missy recently joined Denver Water as an internal communications specialist. A New Mexico native who grew up in Northern Colorado with her Minnesota family, Missy earned her degree in journalism from the University of Kansas and promptly moved to Washington, D.C. after graduating. Having worked in private sector companies, consulting firms, governmental and non-profit organizations all over the country, she’s enthusiastic about corporate communications and loves meeting new people. She’s worked in marketing research, project management, natural resources and business development positions, and her goal is to one day be a full-time writer and professional traveler. When she’s not writing about our team, she can be found attempting to write her own novels, plotting her family’s next getaway and ideally, relaxing with her nose in a book.