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Cookout kicks off the 2019 summer season at Gross Reservoir

Denver Water’s Gross Reservoir expansion team settles in with burgers, hot dogs and a side of good conversation.

Spring has sprung in the foothills of Boulder County, which means wildflowers, wildlife and the opening Gross Reservoir to boating and other forms of outdoor recreation.

It also marks another popular annual event, the opening of the Gross Reservoir Expansion Project public information yurt and the season-opening community cookout, which took place June 1.

Hot coffee and doughnuts, hot dogs, hamburgers and chips were served to the few dozen guests who sat with members of Denver Water’s management team for the project to talk about the planned expansion.

“Now in its third year, the yurt has become a popular community gathering place where we build relationships with our neighbors and recreators who will be affected by Denver Water’s plans to raise Gross Dam,” said Denver Water Community Relations Liaison Matt Wittern.

“It’s a win-win. Visitors value the straightforward facts presented through a variety of displays and models. And for Denver Water, the community feedback we collect is invaluable, as it informs the plans that will enable us to build this project safely while minimizing public impacts.”

The yurt is located just up the hill from Denver Water’s Gross Reservoir caretakers’ offices at 3656 Gross Dam Road and is slated to be open at least four days every week between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

For more information and to see the week’s yurt schedule, visit