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‘I Water That Way,’ new music video from the Splashstreet Boys

Denver Water’s summer watering rules have never sounded like this.

Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street. And in our office, at a water treatment plant and a lake — among other places.

And while we’ve had a wet spring in 2024, the time is right to start thinking about summer watering.

Speaking of thinking …

Look, sometimes you get an idea, and you have to see it through, no matter how much it sets you up for ridicule.

I’ve wanted to make this video for a very long time. I grew up loving boy band jams and “I Water That Way” is my tribute to the glory days of polished Max Martin hits and confusing music videos with too much eye contact. (See the original Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way.")

We hope you enjoy this, and that it reminds you to Water The Right Way this summer (now on SoundCloud).

Get all the details on Denver Water's annual summer watering rules.

I Water That Way Lyrics



My yard needs water when it gets hotter

Believe these dry days that I water that way

But we want lawns to survive

Concrete just won’t fly

So I say, I water that way


Tell me why?

Don’t water when it’s rainin

Tell me why?

Don’t water when it’s windy

Tell me why?

Don’t let your water wash away

I water that way


Am I, doin this right?

I’m watering at night

This seems right

I water that way


Tell me why?

Don’t water in the daytime

Tell me why?

Don’t water in the sunshine

Tell me why?

Don’t let it all evaporate

I water that way


Now I can see that you’ve taken to heart

The watering rules baby (Yeah)

So stop wasting water

Start doing your part

The future is in your hands!


You can save water

As it gets hotter

So dry (so dry, so dry, so dry)


What’s ColoradoScape?!


More climate friendly landscapes

More plants that like it in our state (You know we’re not Kentucky, no)

Drought-friendly never felt so great (Oh no)

I water that way


Tell me why?

Don’t water more than three days

In a week!

Don’t water from 10 a.m.

To 6 p.m.

Somebody tell the HOA (forgot the HOA…)

I water that way


Tell me why?

You live in Colorado

You want it to be habitable

Tell me why?

I only want to hear you say

I water that way


Cuz I water it that way