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A love letter to water

Water, the very essence of life, how we love you.

Dearest beloved water,

It hath been only hours since you last quenched my thirst in that faultless and familiar way only you can. And yet, my rapidly parching mouth once again craves your sustaining deluge. Why must you play so coyly? 

I miss you profoundly, sweetest dihydrogen monoxide, and my mind wanders in yearning for our clandestine recoalescence. While you’ve fallen as snow, traveled by river, dwelled in reservoir, been treated and cleaned and filtered and delivered to me, surely no journey could be so satisfying as the fateful final voyage from tap to lip.

Darling, come to me once again, as the stars have so written. For without you, there is quite surely no me. Indeed, I can either live with you or not at all.

Oh, how I long for you, dehydrated in heart and spirit. I count the seconds until our joyful reunion.

Ever thine in thirst,

A Grown Man Named Jimmy

We wrote a love letter to water because, well, we love water. Hoping this Valentine's Day, someone loves you as much as we love water. Photo credit: Denver Water.