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Before you leave town, check out these top watering tips

Vacations are for relaxing — not stressing about your yard.   

Taking a road trip this summer? Don’t let watering-related worries take over your trip.

Follow these tips, based on four watering facts, to earn some peace of mind before you leave town.

Installing a WaterSense-labeled smart irrigation controller makes it easier to use the cycle-and-soak method — plus, you can get a rebate of up to $75. Photo credit: Denver Water.


Fact: Before you leave, your landscape deserves a little love.

  • Mow before you go. Cut grass a little higher than usual to lend some water-saving, evaporation-reducing shade to your soil.
  • Remember to save yourself a step and leave grass clippings in place to retain moisture. You can give gardens the same advantage by applying mulch.
  • Give your lawn one last watering using the cycle-and-soak method.

Fact: Summertime power outages can reset sprinklers, wasting water and your money.

  • Set up your irrigation system for success — even when the power fails — by showing your house sitter how to shut sprinklers off if they’ve gone haywire.
  • You also can combat the wreckage power failures pose by replacing your system’s backup battery each year.

Setting the irrigation system controller correctly will help keep your yard green while you're away. Photo credit: Denver Water.


Fact: Rain is a bigger blessing when your sprinklers can sense it.

  • Get a rebate of up to $75 for installing a WaterSense-labeled smart irrigation controller. Make sure to include a rain sensor to prevent your system from running in the rain — a water-wasting violation of our summer watering rules, which are in effect until Oct. 1.
  • Check your system’s setup to make sure you’re making the most of its features.
  • Take advantage of technology, but don’t discount the value of having a human keep an eye on your system as well.

Grouping your potted plants together, based on their water needs, makes it easier for your house sitter to take care of them while you relax on vacation. Photo credit: Denver Water.


Fact: Your house sitter will give plants better TLC if you make the job easy.

  • Round up your potted plants and place them in groups based on the amount of water they need. Do this for houseplants, too.
  • Ask your sitter to check whether water pools in saucers — a sign of overwatering. Your sitter can pour all of the leftovers into one container, then set it aside for the next watering.
  • Protect outdoor plants from hose-dragging damage by installing guards to shield plantings near vulnerable areas such as corners.

There’s no reason to fret about watering when you’re out of town.

Put in a little effort before you leave, and you can return home to a healthy yard without wasting water.

Now, that’s giving yourself a break!