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Paving the way forward

Celebrating women making a difference at Denver Water.

Editor’s Note: Denver Water celebrates and embraces the people and cultures around us that shape who we are today.

March is Women’s History Month, a time when we reflect on and celebrate the contributions women have made to the United States. Just like our customers, Denver Water employees have diverse backgrounds, and we’re proud of our rich diversity that reflects the 1.5 million people we serve.

Throughout history, women have influenced our nation and have made extensive contributions in a variety of areas.

Today, more girls and women are inspired by those who came before them. They’re encouraged to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math. And historically male-dominated industries are seeing an increase in the number of women joining these career paths.

But progress has been slow.

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According to the World Bank’s Water Global Practice, a survey of water utilities around the world reported that only 18% of their workers were women — fewer than one in five employees.

At Denver Water, women make up 28% of the workforce, and the utility is focused on increasing that representation, especially through the promotion of careers in science, technology and math.

“The value of diversity in any workforce has been well-documented and that includes gender diversity,” said Kim Forbes, Denver Water’s director of human resources. 

“At Denver Water, we know that bringing together different perspectives and experiences not only leads to more creative and thoughtful problem-solving, but it also sparks innovation and collaboration, boosts morale and increases staff retention,” said Forbes.

Meet Nicole Poncelet-Johnson, Denver Water’s director of water quality and treatment: 

While women are represented across the utility, here’s a look at some of the teams where women have historically been underrepresented at Denver Water:

  • Our ability to source clean, safe water depends on healthy forests and watersheds, and all four of our watershed planning experts are women. 
  • Of the five-employee team that works in the utility’s central dispatch section, four are women. The team works 24/7 to communicate with and coordinate crews during water main breaks and other emergencies. 
  • Women account for 72% of the team responsible for Denver Water’s financial well-being, with strong representation in the areas of financial planning and performance, accounting, budget and treasury.

Meet some of the women working at Denver Water.

  • Denver Water’s Office of General Counsel, which provides legal services for all programs, operations and activities for the utility, is composed of 71% women.
  • Nearly half of Denver Water’s scientists working in the water quality laboratories are women, and the number of women entering this field continues to grow. 
  • The utility’s chief of staff, chief finance officer and general counsel are women, and the number of women in leadership positions continues to increase across the organization. 

Hear Charlotte Roadcap talk about being a water quality technician at Denver Water: 

As the utility celebrates the many women who make a difference at Denver Water, it also continues to educate women about the various career opportunities available in the water industry. 

Whether it’s bringing the Denver Water water trailer to community events, having the Youth Education team teach Denver’s students about water, hosting job shadow and internship programs, or welcoming visitors into our new space in the Hydro building at the CSU Spur campus, the utility is always looking to introduce women to careers in the industry.

Thank you to all the women working hard to help Denver Water bring safe drinking water to 1.5 million people.