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Are you efficient with your indoor water use?

Denver Water’s experts consider 40 gallons per person per day to be efficient indoor water use.

What does that look like? Find your average winter consumption for the month on bills dated January, February or March.

See how it compares:

5 people = 6,100 gallons per month
4 people = 4,880 gallons per month
3 people = 3,660 gallons per month
2 people = 2,440 gallons per month

Things you can do to become more efficient indoors:

  • Check your toilet for leaks. Put a few drops of food coloring in the tank and wait 30 minutes to see if the color appears in the bowl. If it does, you may have a leaking flapper valve.
  • Check the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom for drips. Don’t forget to open the cabinet doors and check the hot and cold supply lines for leaks.
  • Check the bathtub and shower. When the water is diverted to the showerhead, the water flow from the tub faucet should stop.