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Received a Letter

Denver Water sends letters to customers for a wide range of reasons. Some are just informational, while other letters require action in order to avoid a water shut-off.

Some specific letters include:

Leak Notification Letter

If you have received a letter notifying you of a constant flow, it’s because a Denver Water field technician inspected your water meter and found a continuous flow of water. This letter outlines steps you should take to avoid additional water loss, and a potentially high bill. It also lists some household fixtures you may want to check for leaks, including how to test for often-undetected toilet leaks.

Noncompliance Letter

If you received a letter notifying you of noncompliance, the letter should provide information regarding the issue that needs to be resolved. Failure to resolve noncompliance issues can result in a water service shut-off until the repair is complete. Details about any potential shut-off will be provided in the noncompliance letter.

For questions about a letter you receive from Denver Water, please contact Customer Care at 303-893-2444.