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Troubleshooting & Repairs

In case of a water leak or other water emergency, here's how to locate your water meter or detect a leak. If you know what to look for and what to do, you can avoid damaging your meter.

If you need further assistance or repair, call Denver Water Customer Care at 303-893-2444. Use caution when examining your meter, as property owners are responsible for meters and service lines.


Leaks aren’t always obvious, but they can often waste water and increase water bills.

Low Water Pressure

Denver Water receives many calls from customers living in older houses with the common complaint of low water pressure.

Water Meters

Your water meter measures the amount of water used in your household

Access to Your Property

Authorized employees of Denver Water or its contractor need to have free and unimpeded access at all reasonable hours to any building or premises where water is used.

Wastewater Management

Sanitary sewage service for customers inside the City and County of Denver is provided by the Wastewater Management Division, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

General Construction FAQs

Construction can be disruptive, but Denver Water is committed to completing projects efficiently and restoring the area to pre-construction conditions.

Cold Weather Tips

Cold weather can cause pipes to burst in your own household. Here are some tips for avoiding costly damage.