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Youth Education Program

Helping people appreciate water’s importance often starts with the youngest members of society, and that’s what Denver Water’s youth education program sets out to do — increase students’ knowledge of water in Colorado; educate children about who Denver Water is and what we do; and help create wise water-use behaviors.

Some highlights of the program include:

Water Festival
More than 1,250 sixth graders attend the annual Denver Metro Water Festival each May.

  • Water Education Resource Guide The packet contains information and activities pertaining to water use and supply in the Denver area. These materials are meant to serve as a resource to enhance water-related studies in the classroom and complement the Colorado Academic Standards. The materials in the WERG were developed for sixth grade, however investigations can be adapted for younger or older audiences.
  • H2O Outdoors Denver Water partnered with Keystone Science School, the Colorado River Water Conservation District and Aurora Water to launch the H2O Outdoors program, located at the Keystone Science School. High school students from across the state spend three days in Keystone learning about the complexity of water in Colorado and the different stakeholders involved.

  • Denver Metro Water Festival Denver Water works closely with our suburban water distributors and Metropolitan State University’s One World One Water center to facilitate the annual event known as the Denver Metro Water Festival, held each May. At this event, more than 1,250 sixth-grade students from around the metro area enjoy a day of hands-on activities and lessons related to all facets of water education.

  • Water and Sustainability Program with Denver Zoo (High School)  Denver Water Youth Education is excited to partner with the Denver Zoo to offer the multi-visit Water and Sustainability Program. Empower your students to become engaged citizens and environmental stewards by incorporating a better understanding of Colorado water and its role in a sustainable lifestyle. The program includes 11 lessons: nine facilitated by Denver Zoo and Denver Water Youth Education staff (including two field trips), and two lessons led by the teacher. High school environmental science or other classes whose goals focus on engaging students in hands-on, inquiry-driven, community and career-based programming make great matches for the program. Visit the Denver Zoo website to learn more and to register.


Email [email protected] or call 303-634-3425 for more information.