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Water Outage Notification

As part of our good neighbor commitment, Denver Water is asking private contractors who need to shut off water for private projects to notify our customers.

Please download, complete and give the following form to those impacted.

Contractor Water Outage Notification Form


Modifications to the water system

Denver Water may require contractors to modify public and/or private water infrastructure during new development, redevelopment or when installing, upgrading or relocating other underground infrastructure, such as storm water systems, sanitary sewer lines and gas lines. 

Modifications may be driven by several factors, including an increased demand on our system, ensuring adequate fire flow and disturbing or requiring the relocation of existing Denver Water infrastructure. These changes would not be necessary without the development or redevelopment; therefore, the liability and responsibility of these upgrades rests with the project owner and its contractors, not Denver Water. 

When modifications to the water system must occur due to development and redevelopment, the modifications are required to meet Denver Water’s Engineering Standards. To ensure those standards are met, Denver Water will inspect the infrastructure and conduct water quality testing. Denver Water staff will also facilitate water outages, ensuring the outage is completed in a manner that minimizes impacts to the area and provides a safe environment for contractors to perform their work. Denver Water does not determine the contractor’s schedule; this is primarily dictated by other agencies (typically the local jurisdiction’s city right-of-way inspectors and traffic engineers), who issue permitting for these projects. It is important to note that these permits will have an impact on when water outages take place. 

Water outages may impact domestic and/or fire service line water supplies. It is the responsibility of the property owner to coordinate with the local fire protection district if the property’s fire protection is out of service. When there is a water outage, dirt or debris can enter water lines. Denver Water is not responsible or liable for damage to your property resulting from system pressure changes or water service being shut off.

Denver Water understands that water outages are never convenient, and though we cannot prevent them from occurring, we do aim to minimize impacts by sharing best practices and guidance with contractors.

For more information about water outages and how to prepare, please visit our Water Outage FAQs.

What if my fire protection system is affected?

If your fire protection system will be out of service, you must take the following steps:

  • Notify your local fire protection district and apply for a fire watch permit if necessary. 
  • Notify your fire system’s monitoring company, building engineer, maintenance staff and property manager.
  • Ensure any backflow devices are properly monitored when water is restored. There is a potential for flood damage if the relief valve on a reduced pressure zone (RPZ) valve assembly goes into full discharge.*

If your property is located within the City and County of Denver, contact the Denver Fire Department and apply for a fire watch permit through the fire department’s website: Visit and click on “System Down Reporting and Firewatch.” 

For questions, contact Denver Fire Department’s Fire Prevention group at 720-913-3474. Outside of business hours, email

*Dirt or debris can enter water lines after a water outage. Denver Water is not responsible or liable for damage to your property resulting from pressure changes or water service being shut off.

Outside the City and County of Denver, please visit to identify your local fire protection district.


For additional information, please review 901.7 and 901.7.1 of International Fire Code or of the Denver Building & Fire Code.