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Received a Letter

Denver Water sends letters to customers for a wide range of reasons. Some are just informational, while other letters require action in order to avoid a water shutoff.

Some specific letters include:

Leak Notification Letter

If you have received a letter notifying you of a constant flow, it’s because a Denver Water field technician inspected your water meter and found a continuous flow of water. This letter outlines steps you can take to avoid water loss that could potentially result in a high bill. It also lists some household fixtures you may want to check for leaks, including how to test for often-undetected toilet leaks.

Non-Compliance Letter

If you have received a letter notifying you of non-compliance, this is your second letter alerting you that your property’s meter pit needs repairs. This letter indicates you have not yet repaired the problem, and you now have 15 more days to comply. If upon receipt of the non-compliance the problem still has not been repaired, the water is shut off until the repair is completed.

Inactive meter letter

Denver Water recently changed its process regarding tap cancelations. We will no longer cut taps that have been inactive for more than five years. If you received a five-year cancellation letter, our records indicate that your tap was canceled under the old policy. Please call Customer Care at 303-893-2444 to have this issue resolved.

Under the new policy, you can now leave your meter on and pay a monthly service charge. We will reactivate service at your request regardless of the amount of time without water consumption at the property.

If your meter has been turned off and you have not paid a monthly service charge for five years, reactivation fees and other charges are required to reactivate your water service. Please call Denver Water's meter inspectors at 303-628-6145 to schedule an appointment and ensure that your service meets operating rules. Costs to bring your meter pit up to current Denver Water operating rules are the customer's responsibility. Please refer to operating rule 2.12 for more information.

For questions about a letter you receive from Denver Water, please contact Customer Care at 303-893-2444.