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Bid & Contract Opportunities

Each year, Denver Water works with various contractors and vendors on construction jobs, engineering plans, and information technology jobs, among other projects, by soliciting bids for proposals.

This helps ensure Denver Water receives services and supplies in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

To provide greater transparency and awareness of opportunities at Denver Water, we are currently in the process of posting all proposals and bids greater than $50,000 to our website, which are broken into three categories: (1) Engineering, (2) Purchasing, and (3) Other. Proposals, bids and other opportunities (e.g., RFPs, RFQs, IFBs, etc.) change frequently. Please check back often. If no bids are displayed below, there are no active opportunities.

Keep Jobs in Colorado Act (KJICA)

Colorado labor shall be employed to perform at least 80% of the work on a public works project.

Submitted Waivers

Contract 504903 Gross Reservoir Expansion Project
In July of 2019, the Kiewit-Barnard Joint Venture (KBJV) was awarded the contract for pre-construction services for the GRE project through a competitive selection process. Denver Water’s decision to select KBJV was largely based on the team’s collective experience constructing similar roller compacted concrete dams across North America and the team’s personnel that would ultimately be committed to the GRE project throughout the course of construction. For this reason, KBJV is obligated to bring personnel who have the requisite experience for this complex project. These individuals live throughout North America and will be mobilized to the project to ensure a successful outcome. Some individuals will re-locate to Colorado and become residents but because of the seasonal nature of the project, many will retain their current residency and travel to Colorado each construction season.

In addition to the specialized nature of the work, the amount of large, in progress and near-term civil works projects occurring on the front range has, and will continue to, create a large demand for Colorado tradespersons. Due to the skilled labor shortage that this creates, we are expecting to reach beyond the borders of Colorado to assemble the necessary work force for the GRE project.

Contract 504683 Gross Reservoir Primary Outlet Works Trashrack Modifications Project 
The majority of the labor will be coming from the PNW. The Saturation diving portion of this project make up the majority of the work. This work requires skilled and technically proficient people experienced in Saturation diving techniques. These skills are not readily available from the local labor pool in Colorado. The specific positions that compose a SAT diving team are filled by individuals that have numerous years of experience in SAT diving, most of these positions fall under what are considered to be Life Supporting and Lifesaving positions.



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Denver Water is seeking to qualify multiple contractors based on their proven experience, relevant capability, and capacity to perform work under the Federally Funded Lead Service Line Program (FFLSLP). The request for proposal (RFP) is a two-step process to first, qualify contractors capable of performing work under the State of Colorado Revolving Loan Fund (SRF) and secondly, to evaluate bid price proposals from a qualified list of contractors for work to be conducted in 2023.

The FFLSLP includes replacing customer-owned lead and galvanized water service lines in Denver Water’s service area and performing service line potholing to confirm service line materials.  A mandatory pre-proposal meeting will be held Friday, Dec. 9, 2022, at 1 p.m., Mountain time at Denver Water’s Administration Building (Denver Water Three Stone Building, Dillon Room).

DBEs are invited and encouraged to bid. We request those contractors planning to attend to RSVP to Kiki Zaist at providing contractor name, representative name, phone number and email address prior to the mandatory pre-bid meeting.

For more information and solicitation documents please go to Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System.

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The purpose for this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from qualified vendors to provide a cloud-based eDiscovery solution (eDiscovery Tool) that will integrate with Denver Water’s existing eDiscovery process and tools. 

For more information and solicitation documents please go to Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System.

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Engineering Contract Opportunities Overview

Engineering Contract Opportunities Overview

Denver Water’s Engineering division solicits bids for various projects each year, including work on pipelines, pump stations, reservoirs, bridges and buildings. Unless otherwise noted, construction project bid advertisements and contract documents including all specifications, plans, bid documents, advanced prequalified lists and prequalification forms are accessible through QuestCDN.

Engineering has identified several upcoming contracting opportunities in support of our 2022 capital plan, many of which have defined goals for MWBE participation.

Current Purchasing Contract Opportunities Overview

A department within Denver Water may require specific services or supplies. Our Purchasing section, acting as a agent, conducts the formal solicitation process. In most cases, our Purchasing section uses the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (RMEPS) to solicit bidder’s proposals. Interested parties who want to do business with Denver Water Purchasing should sign up through RMEPS. There is no cost to join. However, if interested parties wish to be notified automatically of Denver Water Purchasing bid opportunities, a nominal fee is required by RMEPS. Unless otherwise noted, all pertinent documents can be accessed through RMEPS.

Other Contract Opportunities Overview

Denver Water divisions other than Engineering or Purchasing may solicit contracts for bids and proposals.

Capital Project Prequalification

All contractors interested in bidding on projects must submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for each prequalified discipline.