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Bid & Contract Opportunities

Capital Project Prequalification

All contractors interested in bidding on projects must submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for each prequalified discipline.

Each year, Denver Water works with various contractors and vendors on construction jobs, engineering plans, and information technology jobs, among other projects, by soliciting bids for proposals.

This helps ensure Denver Water receives services and supplies in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

To provide greater transparency and awareness of opportunities at Denver Water, we are currently in the process of posting all proposals and bids greater than $50,000 to our website, which are broken into three categories: (1) Engineering, (2) Purchasing, and (3) Other. Proposals, bids and other opportunities (eg., RFPs, RFQs, IFBs, etc.) change frequently. Please check back often. (If nothing is displayed below, there are no active opportunities.)



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The Denver Water Board of Water Commissioners requires Stationary and Roving Security Guards 24 hours per day, 365 days per year at various locations to ensure the safety of its water supply, infrastructure, and its employees.

For more information and solicitation documents please go to Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System.

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Denver Water is soliciting proposals for a full design of the Moffat Collection System, Ranch Creek Canal Improvements, Phase 2 - Cub Creek Chute to 54-inch Pressure Pipe. The project shall be taken from initial design up to bidding. The project site is in Grand County, CO southeast of the town of Winter Park. The scope consists of placing approximately 4400 feet of an earthen, raw water collection/conveyance canal into reinforced concrete pipe. The upstream end of the project will connect to an energy dissipator at the base of a steel chute. The downstream end of the project will connect to an existing 54-inch pressure pipe. Flow that the open canal currently collects from two streams, as well as from surface runoff, will need to be conveyed into the new pipe. The existing mearing flume will need to be replaced, as will the electrical service to the existing gaging station (which will remain). The scope includes a geotechnical investigation and slope stability analysis to analyze the impact of the project to the slope below the canal. The scope also includes constructability reviews and cost estimating at the 30-60-90% project gates. 

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Engineering Contract Opportunities Overview

Engineering Contract Opportunities Overview

Denver Water’s Engineering division solicits bids for various projects each year, including work on pipelines, pump stations, reservoirs, bridges and buildings. Unless otherwise noted, construction project bid advertisements and contract documents including all specifications, plans, bid documents, advanced prequalified lists and prequalification forms are accessible through QuestCDN.

Engineering has identified several upcoming contracting opportunities in support of our 2018 capital plan, many of which have defined goals for MWBE participation.

Current Purchasing Contract Opportunities Overview

A department within Denver Water may require specific services or supplies. Our Purchasing section, acting as a agent, conducts the formal solicitation process. In most cases, our Purchasing section uses the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (RMEPS) to solicit bidder’s proposals. Interested parties who want to do business with Denver Water Purchasing should sign up through RMEPS. There is no cost to join. However, if interested parties wish to be notified automatically of Denver Water Purchasing bid opportunities, a nominal fee is required by RMEPS. Unless otherwise noted, all pertinent documents can be accessed through RMEPS.

Potential Future Purchasing Contract Opportunities Overview

Appearance on the 2018 potential contract opportunity list does not guarantee a contract opportunity will be forthcoming. The “anticipated solicitation release date” is tentative, and my occur before or after the date anticipated.  

2018 potential contract opportunities

Other Contract Opportunities Overview

Denver Water divisions other than Engineering or Purchasing may solicit contracts for bids and proposals.