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Rebates & Efficiency Tips

Water savings add up when you’re using water efficiently in your business or multifamily complex. Take steps today to reduce your water use indoors and out.

Commercial Rebates

Earn rebates for efficient laundry and warewashing equipment, as well as urinals, toilets, submeters and more.


WaterSense is a national program that makes it easy to choose products that use less water without sacrificing quality or product performance.


We can help hotels save water in almost all segments of business: laundry, landscape and guest rooms, among others.


Get a free, professionally installed pre-rinse spray valve for your restaurant.

Commercial Car Washes

Self-service, in-bay automatic and conveyor car washes can benefit from these tips and rebates.
Business Efficiency Tip
You can have a green, healthy lawn while cutting down on water use.
Business Efficiency Tip
Make sure your toilets are working properly and not wasting water.
Business Efficiency Tip
A leak of just 10 drops per minute will waste almost 300 gallons in a year.
Business Efficiency Tip
Replace or retrofit old fixtures and save.
Business Efficiency Tip
To avoid wasting water outdoors, grass should be limited to areas that need to be useful lawn.
Business Efficiency Tip
A guide to tree care in dry climates.
Business Efficiency Tip
Drips can turn into gallons; find and fix your leaks.
Business Efficiency Tip
Are you taking these steps to save water and energy?