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North System Renewal

Improving the safety and reliability of our aging system

Denver Water’s North System brings snowmelt from the mountains through reservoirs, pipelines and a treatment plant to produce clean, great-tasting drinking water. Denver Water is upgrading and modernizing the northern portion of our water system. We are building a new water treatment plant, installing a new pipeline and redeveloping our Moffat Treatment Plant. When finished, the system will be more resilient and adaptable to changing demands for water now and into the future.

System Project Map

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Why it's important

Denver Water’s North System was constructed in the 1930s, when the surrounding area was mostly farmland. Now, 80 years later, the North System is reaching the end of its lifespan.

The North System’s pipelines and valves need to be replaced. The new treatment plant will feature updated technology, and the existing Moffat Treatment Plant will be repurposed into a distribution site.

Project components

Northwater Treatment Plant

We are building a new, state-of-the-art water treatment plant next to Ralston Reservoir, north of Golden in Jefferson County. The Northwater Treatment Plant will be capable of treating up to 75 million gallons of water a day and will be equipped with disinfection technology that will provide more flexibility to react to changes in water quality.

Northwater Pipeline

We are installing a 66-inch diameter pipeline, replacing one of the two existing pipeline, running 8.5 miles between Ralston Reservoir and the Moffat Treatment Plant. The new pipeline will transport treated water from the new Northwater Treatment Plant to the Moffat Facility for distribution.

Moffat Treatment Plant

The Moffat Treatment Plant will continue to treat water although at a reduced capacity. Water treated at the Northwater Treatment Plant will be sent to the Moffat facility, via the Northwater Pipeline, where it will be stored and distributed to customers.

How it affects our customers

These improvements will help maintain reliable, safe drinking water and avoid service failures that could adversely impact neighbors.

Being a good neighbor: Denver Water is committed to maintaining safe worksites and mitigating noise, dust, traffic and other construction impacts on our neighbors. We aim to reduce delays and inconvenience and communicate well in advance so commuters, residents and neighbors can plan accordingly.

Anticipated timeline*

north system renewal timeline

*Construction started October 2017. As with any construction project, the schedule is dependent on a number of factors. It will be updated as construction progresses.