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Efficiency Plan

Denver Water faces many challenges: population growth, a warming climate, periodic drought, competition for water resources, security threats, and a changing regulatory and political environment. Ensuring that our customers maximize water efficiency is a significant part of our long-term water supply strategy. Doing so will sustain our vibrant metropolitan area.

Denver Water has long been a proponent of conservation and environmental stewardship. As we transition from a conservation-focused plan to a Water Efficiency Plan we recognize that our customers are our top priority — and our partners — to achieve water use efficiency. The last ten years of focused conservation under an ambitious plan to reduce per capita water use by 22 percent has helped us learn a lot about conservation and our customer’s needs.

The Water Efficiency Plan describes the evolution from just focusing on water savings and toward helping our customers to meet their water needs in the most efficient ways. The Water Efficiency Plan will continue to lead our customers and the nation through thought leadership; proven reliability of reduction in water demand; and tactics that move individual customers toward water efficient use and ensure that efficient customers remain efficient.

Water Efficiency Plan