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Recycled Water Quality Standards

Recycled water must meet standards set forth in Regulation 84 (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment). In Colorado, there are three categories of recycled water, and Denver Water produces Category 3 water, the best recycled water under Regulation 84. Category 3 water is not harmful upon incidental contact, and is safe for irrigating parks and golf courses and for commercial and industrial uses.

Denver Water disinfects recycled water before it leaves the treatment plant, and in some locations dechlorinates the water to protect aquatic life. Daily operator checks at the plant ensure water quality. Online analyzers and remote sample stations are used throughout the distribution system to monitor water quality and confirm it is acceptable at customer sites. Analyses are conducted at Denver Water’s certified water quality lab.

Denver Water monitors recycled water quality vigorously to meet internal standards that are more stringent than state regulations. Our recycling plant consistently produces water with turbidity and E. coli levels well within water quality standards set forth in Regulation 84.