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Sponsorship Program

Denver Water strives to be the best water utility in the nation and a vital contributor to the betterment of our community. We will consider contributions and sponsorships with external organizations that advance our mission, vision and strategic initiatives.

The guidelines described below are aimed at ensuring that our community giving and involvement meet the following goals:

  • Provide value to both Denver Water and the community
  • Reflect appropriate and accountable use of public funds
  • Strengthen our outreach efforts
  • Enhance Denver Water’s reputation for excellence

All requests for in-kind or financial support must be made in writing using Denver Water’s request webform (below). Please review our sponsorship guidelines before you complete the webform.

Sponsorship and contribution guidelines and considerations

Denver Water supports the community we serve through contributions and sponsorships to civic, nonprofit, education and business programs, activities and events that:

  • Build awareness and appreciation among the public for the value of water as a vital resource.
  • Align with our mission, strategic initiatives and annual budget.
  • Build support for our core business objectives.
  • Help build brand awareness of Denver Water’s mission, vision and value to the community.

All requests for contributions and sponsorships are subject to budgetary limitations.

Examples of requests that will be considered include:

  • Nonprofit and community events that provide messaging and outreach specific to the goals of Denver Water initiatives and include activities such as:
    • Events, programs, conferences or sessions on issues related to water, including trade/industry issues, environmental issues, water conservation, water reuse/recycling, job opportunities or others which serve to provide information on Denver Water.
  • Educational programs and activities related to Denver Water’s outreach strategy.
  • Economic development activities related to Denver Water’s role as a landowner, operator of infrastructure, and provider of service; or to Denver Water’s mission and strategic goals.

Requests for the following will NOT be considered for financial support:

  • Donations or sponsorships to individuals.
  • Groups that discriminate on any basis prohibited by Denver’s Anti-Discrimination Ordinance.
  • Religious organizations, unless for general community benefit and not promoting any religious doctrine.
  • Political events, parties, candidates or issues.
  • Activities, organizations or causes that are not related to Denver Water’s strategic mission and goals.
  • Activities that serve a specific staff/board member’s interests such as youth sporting events, school fundraisers and other events that do not align with Denver Water’s goals.

Legal considerations

The following legal considerations apply to all requests:

  • In general, governments may only expend funds for a public purpose.
  • The Colorado Constitution, Article XI, section 2 prohibits governments from making any donation or grant to any private company or corporation without receiving any consideration in return.
  • The Denver Charter, section 10.1.14 prohibits the use of the Water Works Fund for any purpose except a water works purpose.
  • Denver Water employees and officials are required by codes of ethics to avoid not only actual impropriety but also the appearance of impropriety.
How to submit a sponsorship or contribution request
  • Requests must be submitted for consideration at least 30 days prior to the event or activity for which funding is requested.
  • All requests for in-kind or financial support must be made in writing using Denver Water’s request webform.

Request Sponsorship or Contribution