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Capital Project Prequalification

Announcement and action required to remain on lists

In early 2020 our current Prequalified Contractor List (PCL) and Security Prequalified Contractor List (SPCL) term ended.

If your company wants to continue to bid on Denver Water’s capital projects (remain on the PCL), and be able to access Denver Water’s restricted sites (remain on the SPCL) you must review the new RFQs listed below. We attempted to make all updates efficient for your company and Denver Water. Please carefully read the instructions as actions are required to remain on these lists. Thank you.

Denver Water’s Security Prequalified Contractor List Changes:
If your company is currently on the SPCL and was approved before 2020, you must review the following and provide updates in order to remain on the list and access Denver Water’s restricted sites. If you have submitted updates this year, please check the SPCL to verify your approval. Information on how is  located in the Security Restricted Capital Projects Contractor Prequalification RFQ.

Denver Water’s Prequalified Contractor List Changes:
If your company is currently on the PCL and was approved before 2020, you must review the following and provide updates in order to remain on the list. All updates must be sent in via email. For specific details please see the Contractor Prequalification Request for Qualification (RFQ).

If your company applied and was approved in 2020, this approval will stand until December 31, 2024.

Since 2016, Denver Water has been using a new prequalification process to select contractors for our capital projects. All contractors interested in bidding on projects must submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for each prequalified discipline in accordance with the following Contractor Prequalification Request for Qualification (RFQ). All approved contractors will be added to our Prequalified Contractor List (PCL). Denver Water lists upcoming capital projects (below), and solicits bids from approved contractors listed on the PCL. Details can be found in the RFQ, or the FAQs below.

Note: This prequalification process is only for capital projects and conduits 24-inches and larger. For smaller diameter piping prequalification see Plan Reviews.

Upcoming Capital Projects

See a yearly outlook of Denver Water’s Capital Construction Projects*.

*Please note this is a preliminary list of our anticipated projects and is subject to change.

Prequalified Contractor List

View current Prequalified Contractor List.

Bidding and Access for Restricted Projects at Denver Water’s Secure Sites

For security purposes, Denver Water has a prequalification process for contractors desiring to propose on all “restricted” and “highly restricted” capital projects. This process also includes access for all work at Denver Water’s restricted sites which applies to all contractors, subcontractors, consultants, engineering, and service companies. The majority of Denver Water’s upcoming capital projects are categorized as “restricted”, and many are located at our secure sites with restricted access.

All interested businesses must submit the requirements detailed in the Security Restricted Capital Projects Contractor Prequalification RFQ in order to be approved and added to the Security Prequalification Contractor List (SPCL). For “restricted” capital projects, Denver Water solicits bids from Contractors approved on the PCL, and must also be prequalified in accordance with this security prequalification process.

Note: The time to complete these requirements is estimated to take approximately one to two hours.

Security Prequalification Contractor List

View current Security Prequalification Contractor List.

SOQ Documents for Reference/Submission

Contractor’s General Information Form

Project Experience Template

Team Qualification Template


We missed the prequalification submission deadline, can we still submit our prequalification?

The prequalification process is open from 2016 – 2019. Contractors may submit at any time during the four-year period. Denver Water will only select approved contractors from the Prequalified Contractor List (PCL) to bid on advertised capital projects.

We are an Electrical contractor that has experience as a General Contractor, Commercial and Systems Analysis. Do I submit a prequalification just for Electrical GC and that will prequalify me for the other electrical disciplines?

You need to submit a prequalification for each category you wish to be approved for. Example: You need to submit a prequalification for Electrical GC, and for Electrical Commercial and Systems Analysis.

Do I also need to submit a Security Prequalification if we want to work on a restricted or highly restricted project?

If you have previously submitted within the last three years check the list to ensure your company is listed as Denver Water is not requiring you submit again for this three-year cycle.

If you have never submitted to be approved for the Security Prequalification Contractor List (SPCL) you must do so. See Security Restricted Capital Projects Contractor Prequalification (RFQ), which is in addition to the Prequalified Contractor List. This RFQ is located under the heading, “Bidding on Restricted Projects for our Secure Sites.”

We are a multi-division outfit, how do we determine which GC categories to submit on , besides sub-contractors disciplines?

If you can show good GC experience on projects, we would suggest you submit under every discipline, both GC and Subcontractor, where you have that experience.

List major relevant equipment you own for the category. Would this be our assets, or all equipment that we own?

Major relevant equipment your company owns. If you are a large company you do not need to list everything just a general number or a brief description.

Under the submittal instructions , #2 talks about the submission packet containing a signature of a duly authorized officer or agent of our company. Do you have a specific page for that or how do I submit that for you?

The signature of an authorized officer or agent of the company can be placed on the front cover sheet or in a one page company introduction letter.

Once I have submitted my packet, how long is the review/evaluation period?

The Denver Water evaluation teams typically complete their evaluation in one to two weeks.

Do I need to request the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from Denver Water because they are only sending requests to certain companies?

No, any contractor can submit at any time and use the templates provided in the RFQ. Denver Water does not request or limit qualification packages from any contractor.

If I am approved can I be guaranteed a project to bid on within the three-year period?

Denver Water cannot guarantee a company will be selected to bid on projects within the three-year period as our objective is to match our project requirements with qualified contractors to ensure successful projects completions for both parties. However, Denver Water will attempt to open the bidding up on specific “unrestricted and non-complex” projects to all prequalified contractors listed under that specific project discipline.