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Brewing Beer at Home

Water Quality is a significant factor in brewing. The pH, mineral content, and chlorine residual of brewing water can all affect beer flavors. Denver Water routinely tests for several water quality components in our treated water from each of Denver’s watershed sources.

In March 2020, Denver Water raised the pH of the water it delivers to customers as part of our Lead Reduction Program. Water quality information in this chart was collected from treatment plant effluents in 2021. 

Most brewers find Denver’s water is well-suited for home-brewing operations.

Element Concentration (mg/L)
Component South Platte treated water Moffat treated water Desirable levels *
Total alkalinity (as CaCO3) 30-86 30-55 25-300
Sodium (Na) 15-35 4-12 10-150
Chloride (Cl) 12-40 4-10 Less than 150
Sulfate (SO4 ) 47-78 17-25 10-70
Calcium (Ca) 21-35 9-25 50-150
Magnesium (Mg) 5-12 2-4 10-30

*Smith, B. (2008, Aug 24), Brewing Water — Hard or Soft? Retrieved Jan. 16, 2014 from