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Construction Forms

Forms are required for a variety of construction projects.

Please contact a Tap Sales representative at 303-628-6100 for additional information about new taps or construction.

Tap Application Packet (includes Application for Water Supply License)

Distributor Easement Agreements

Note: In Denver and Total Service areas, the easement documents are prepared by Denver Water. The distributor easement agreements can be found on Easement Requirements and Property Management Forms.

Water Demand Forms

For all commercial, multifamily, irrigation, mixed use (combo residential/commercial) and fire line connections:

Hydrant Site Flow/Fire Line/Domestic/Irrigation Connection

Fixture Count Worksheet

Projects requesting a single-service for fire sprinkler and domestic:

Residential Fire Line (NFPA 13D)

Fire Flow Report Request

Plan Review

Distributor Conditional Water Plan Approval Application

Checklist for Capital Projects

Stub-in Permit

Stub-in Permit

Water Supply License for Inside/Outside City

Dual Water Supply Agreement*

*To receive a quote before moving forward with your project, please fill out and submit the Quote Form to

*If your project is ready for the next step, please fill out and submit the Tap Application Packet to

Lead Service Line Replacement Reimbursement

Notes: Effective July 1, 2016, Denver Water, in cooperation with the City and County of Denver's Community Planning and Development Department, is requiring an evaluation of all water service lines prior to issuing a building permit for any residential single-family or single structure multi-family major renovation, addition or remodel that is logged in for building and/or zoning permit review. This also applies to any residential stand-alone garage projects that propose to add water service. Please read more about evaluating the water service line.

As of Nov. 1, 2016, a 2.25 percent service fee will automatically be added to invoices for tap sales purchased with a credit or debit card.

Property Management

Documents can be found on Easement Requirements and Property Management Forms.