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Easement Requirements and Property Management Forms

Links to forms for easements, licenses, letters of authorization and releases. 

Easement Requirements

Distributor: Read & Bill/Master Meter

Interactive PDF Easement Agreements (updated 2020)

The interactive templates are not to be altered in any form. No changes will be accepted to the templates. Any alterations MUST be reflected in the special provisions. 

30' Non-Exclusive PUD/PBG Distributor Easement Agreement

50' Non-Exclusive Distributor Easement Agreement

30' Exclusive Distributor Easement Agreement

Performance 30’ Distributor Easement Agreement*

*The following distributors are approved to use the Performance Easement Agreement:

  • Bancroft-Clover Water and Sanitation District
  • Bear Creek Water and Sanitation District
  • City of Glendale
  • Consolidated Mutual Water Company
  • Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District
  • City of Lakewood
  • Southgate Water District
  • Valley Water District
  • Wheat Ridge Water District

Signature/Notary Pages to be attached to the agreements

For Individuals

For Limited Liability Companies

For Corporations

Inside Denver/Total Service

Easement Requirements

Right-of-Way/Easement Checklist

The ROW/Easement checklist details the submittal requirement for a complete easement package. You can also find links to example documents that need to be submitted.

Refer to Denver Water’s Engineering Standards, Chapter 4 and CAD Standards External Requirements.

NOTE: The full easement package must be submitted at the time of formal submittal.

Easement Types:

  1. 30-foot PUD/PBG: Sample — PUD/PBG Easement Agreement
  • Typically used in developed areas.
  • Non-Exclusive — Allows other utilities in the easement.
  • The entire 30-foot area must be hard surface.
  • Permanent delineation on both sides.
  1. 30-foot Exclusive: Sample — Exclusive Easement Agreement
  • Typically not used because of its restrictiveness. This type of easement might be used to achieve a waterline loop through undeveloped land. Other utilities are not allowed in the easement; the crossing of utilities at right angles is also prohibited
  • Hard surface and delineation is not required.
  1. 50-foot Non-Exclusive: Sample — Non-Exclusive Easement Agreement
  • Typically used in undeveloped areas or to meet looping requirements outside of the roadway (i.e., crossing a greenbelt/open space area to achieve loop). NOTE: Not to be used to circumvent parking restrictions through a PUD easement.
  • Non-exclusive — Allows other utilities in the easement.
  • Hard surface and delineation is not required.

Helpful Hints for Easement Design — common errors and missed items include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Acceptable street cross-section on the water only plan; must show other utilities, surfacing type, thickness, and easement delineation.
  • Parking is NOT allowed in the PUD/PBG easement.
  • Hydrant pocket easements require a minimum of 5-feet from the operating nut on the hydrant to the easement/property line.
  • When a hydrant lateral extends more the 20-feet beyond the edge of the ROW/ESMT, then a 30- or 50-foot easement is required in lieu of the 10-foot pocket easement.
  • Easement widths are a minimum of 30 to 50 feet depending on the easement type.
  • Structures, light poles, signs, trees, shrubs, fencing, etc. shall not encroach into the easement.
  • Delineation is required on both sides of the PUD easement.
  • The easement must follow the radius of the curbs in the roadway for delineation.
  • Gates are allowed by special provision, but they must be a minimum of 14-feet wide and centered over the waterline; Denver Water must have 24-hour access to the main.
  • The easement must be clearly shown and marked on the plans.
  • Landscaping is not allowed in the PUD/PBG easement.
  • Traffic islands are not allowed in the easement.
  • The easement may not have more than a 4% cross slope.

Other Links

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