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Easement Requirements

Right-of-Way/Easement Checklist

Refer to Denver Water’s Engineering Standards, Chapter 4 and CAD Standards External Requirements.

NOTE: The full easement package must be submitted at the time of formal submittal

Easement Types:

1. 30-foot PUD/PBG: Sample — PUD/PBG Easement Agreement

  • Typically used in developed areas
  • Non-Exclusive — Allows other utilities in the easement
  • The entire 30-foot area must be hard surface
  • Permanent delineation on both sides

2. 30-foot Exclusive: Sample — Exclusive Easement Agreement

  • Typically not used because of its restrictiveness. This type of easement might be used to achieve a waterline loop through undeveloped land. Other utilities are not allowed in the easement; the crossing of utilities at right angles is also prohibited
  • Hard surface and delineation is not required

3. 50-foot Non-Exclusive: Sample — Non-Exclusive Easement Agreement

  • Typically used in undeveloped areas or to meet looping requirements outside of the roadway (i.e., crossing a greenbelt/open space area to achieve loop). NOTE: Not to be used to circumvent parking restrictions through a PUD easement
  • Non-exclusive — Allows other utilities in the easement
  • Hard surface and delineation is not required

Helpful Hints for Easement Design — common errors and missed items include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Acceptable street cross-section on the water only plan; must show other utilities, surfacing type, thickness, and easement delineation
  • Parking is NOT allowed in the PUD/PBG easement
  • Hydrant pocket easements require a minimum of 5-feet from the operating nut on the hydrant to the easement/property line
  • When a hydrant lateral extends more the 20-feet beyond the edge of the ROW/ESMT, then a 30 or 50 foot easement is required in lieu of the 10-foot pocket easement
  • Easement widths are a minimum of 30 to 50 feet depending on the easement type
  • Structures, light poles, signs, trees, shrubs, fencing, etc. shall not encroach into the easement
  • Delineation is required on both sides of the PUD easement
  • The easement must follow the radius of the curbs in the roadway for delineation
  • Gates are allowed by special provision, but they must be a minimum of 14-feet wide and centered over the waterline; Denver Water must have 24-hour access to the main
  • The easement must be clearly shown and marked on the plans
  • Landscaping is not allowed in the PUD/PBG easement
  • Traffic islands are not allowed in the easement
  • The easement may not have more than a 4% cross slope