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Water Quality

Managing Water Quality from Source to Tap

Your water’s journey starts as mountain snowpack and ends with the clean, great-tasting water that comes out of your tap.

As a part of our extensive testing program, each year we collect more than 55,000 samples and conduct nearly 200,000 water quality tests. These efforts continually confirm that your drinking water is safe and meets or exceeds federal and state requirements.

From its mountainous source to the treated purity at your tap, we take water quality very seriously.

Craving details on the drinkability of your water?

See our annual water quality reports for information on our monitoring program and results.

And see our frequently asked questions for more water quality information.

Lead Reduction Program

The 15-year effort to locate and replace an estimated 64,000 to 84,000 lead service lines in our service area.

Water Stagnation

If water is not regularly used it could sit and become stagnant, causing water quality to degrade over time.

Water Hardness

Learn hardness relates to salts, suds and sips when it comes to your water.


Denver Water relies on the latest science to inform our fluoridation-related policy.


PFAS are manufactured chemicals used for decades to repel water, grease and oil.

Taste & Odor

Learn where water can pick up tastes and odors, and how to get rid of them.

Dirty Water

Learn the common causes and steps you can take to get your water back in the clear.

Crypto & Giardia

Denver Water has never detected a viable indication of either parasite in treated drinking water.


Read up on the regulations and local history behind this chemical.