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Tips to Save Water with Swimming Pools and Spas

  • Cover the pool or spa when not in use to control evaporation and save energy from heat loss. Up to 95 percent of water loss from evaporation can be saved by using a cover.
  • Reduce the temperature if possible, especially when not using the pool.
  • Only refill when required for water quality reasons.
  • Backwash pool filters only when necessary.
  • When possible, use filter backwash for irrigating lawns or plants and shrubs or for cooling tower makeup.
  • Lower the pool’s water level to reduce the amount of water splashed out.
  • Check the pool regularly for cracks and leaks. Make repairs immediately. If the pool drops more than 1 inch per day, investigate for problems.
  • Replace shower heads in the changing area to low-flow fixtures and post signs to encourage pool users to limit shower times.
  • Add a fence, trees or shrubs to provide a wind break and reduce evaporation.
  • Use a pool vacuum that recycles water when cleaning the pool.