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Water Meters

Your water meter (usually located in the ground under a cast iron or plastic cover in a landscape area) measures the amount of water used in your household. It’s a good idea to learn how to read it in the event you want to verify the monthly reading on your water bill, or if you would like to check for leaks.

Denver Water uses an automatic meter reading system that uses miniature radio transmitters attached to the water meter. With this process, a few drivers in trucks can read more meters in one day than our previous staff of 33 meter readers.

If your water meter is located indoors, Denver Water may need to occasionally enter in order to check the meter. You will be contacted in advance if access is needed.  Please keep the area around your water meter clear of objects so we may access it when needed. Do not encase your water meter behind a wall unless you leave an access opening 3 feet wide from the floor to above the meter valve. Also, keep the area around your meter heated in the winter. If the meter freezes, it will cause a leak that could flood the basement, and you will have to pay for a new water meter.