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Budget Xeriscape Plans

Many people put off Xeriscaping their yards because they're concerned about the cost. But with a little planning and some patience, you can landscape for surprisingly little money.

Plants in the following plan can be found at home improvement stores, started from seed or easily scrounged.

Tips to cut costs:

  • Buy smaller plants. A plant in a 2-inch container is much less expensive than the same plant in a 1-gallon container. And within a year or two, you won't be able to tell the difference. 
  • Check home improvement stores and discount department stores for more common plants.
  • Start plants from seed. A little patience can save a lot of money.
  • Scrounge. Many plants can be easily started from cuttings. Others need to be divided periodically. Ask friends and neighbors if they have any surplus plants they'd like to get rid of, or if you could take a cutting from one of their plants.

Plan for low-maintenance yards

Shady Slope

Shady slope plan

Designed by Larry Horgan, registered landscape architect

Note: Use the map for printing.

Code Quantity Common Names Botanical
A 32 Pink pewter dead nettle —
Can be found at home improvement store and can be started from cuttings or seed. White Nancy or beacon silver are good substitutes.
Lamium maculatum “Pink Pewter”
B 32 Creeping Oregon grape holly —
Usually available at home improvement stores and discount stores.
Mahonia repens
C 1 Saskatoon serviceberry —
Found at a home improvement stores and can be started from seed.
Amelanchier alnifolia
D 3 Hancock coralberry —
Found at garden centers.
Symphoricarpos x chenaulti “Hancock”
E 3 Effusa common juniper —
There are many varieties of low-growing junipers available at home improvement and discount stores.
Juniperus communis effusa
F 2 Carol Mackie daphne —
Might be found at a home improvement store. If not, head for your local garden center; this lovely shrub is worth the trip.
Daphne x burkwood “Carol Mackie”
G 1 Yellow flowering currant —
Sometimes appears at home improvement stores and can be started from seed.
Ribes aureu