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Year-Round Beauty Xeriscape Plan

A Plan for All Seasons: Designed by Jim Knopf, registered landscape architectyear-round beauty plan

These selections guarantee nonstop color from early spring to late fall. First to bloom is basket-of-gold, followed by blue catmint, white snow-in-summer and grecian yarrow, as well as multi-colored Iris. As spring turns into summer, pink blooms appear on the soapwort. Shades of yellow first appear in June on the pincushion flower, moonshine and coronation gold yarrow and the chocolate flower and continue throughout the summer. The rose red flowers of valerian and the magenta of the winecup also provide long-lasting color.

In mid-summer the mix is joined by the blue flowers of the lavender, and the red and yellow blooms of the pineleaf penstemons. Not to be ignored, the golden raintree displays its namesake chains of golden flowers, to be followed by papery, lantern-like seedpods.

Late summer brings the golden yellow of the rabbitbrush and the maximillian sunflower, the blue of Russian sage, the deep blue of the plumbago and the scarlet of the hummingbird flower.

Fall and winter color comes from the evergreen of the Oregon grape holly and the western sagebrush. Additional interest comes from the foliage of the plumbago, which turns bright red the fall, and the ornamental seedheads of the chocolate flower.

Note: This plan is designed to be viewed from both sides, so it would be perfect for a streetscape or as a border between two front yards.

Code Quantity Common Names Botanical
A 12 Lavender Lavandula sp.
B 16 Soapwort Saponaria ocymoides
C 5 Yellow Pincushion Flower Scahiosa ocraleuca
D 10 Plumbago Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
E 2 Valerian Centranthus ruber
F 6 Blue Fescue Festuca glauca
G 12 Creeping Oregon Grape Holly
H 5 Moonshine Yarrow Achillea x “Moonshine”
I 7 Winecup Callirhoe involucrata
J 4 Grecian Yarrow Achillea ageratifolia
K 1 Tall Green Rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus nauseosus graveolens
L 1 Dwarf Silver Rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus sp.
M 12 Pineleaf Penstemon Penstemon pinifolius
N 3 Coronation Gold Yarrow Achillea x “Coronation Gold”
O 3 Maximillian Sunflower Helianthus maximiliani
P 1 Russian Sage Perovskia atriplicifolia
Q 5 Chocolate Flower Berlandiera lyrata
R 3 Faassen's Catmint Nepeta x faassenii
S 5 Lavender Cotton  Santolina chamaecyparissus
T 5 Basket-of-Gold Aurinia saxatilis
U 3 Arizona Hummingbird Flower Zauschneria arizonica
V 7 Yellow Pineleaf Penstemon Penstemon pinifolius “Mersea Yellow”
W 1 Tall Western Sagebrush Artemisia tridentata
X 3 Bearded Iris Iris germanica
Y 10 Snow-in-Summer Cerastium tomentosum
1 1 Golden Raintree Koelreuteria paniculata