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Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Topics

The Citizens Advisory Committee addresses a variety of topics that concern Denver Water customers, including:

  • Drought Response — Members of the Citizens Advisory Committee are informed about Denver Water drought response and communication, and provide feedback and input from members of the public to Denver Water staff.
  • Conservation Programs — Members review and encourage new conservation projects.
  • Customer Service — The committee remains informed of customer complaints and concerns and responds accordingly.
  • Future Service and Growth — The Citizens Advisory Committee stays informed about Denver Water's recycle plant, possible future storage projects and population growth in the Denver-metro area.
  • Consumption Blocks — The Citizens Advisory Committee stays informed about Denver Water's block rate structure and makes suggestions about it to the Board.
  • Rates — Members review rate changes and offers their input to Denver Water staff.
  • Recreation — The Citizens Advisory Committee also addresses topics regarding recreation on the High Line Canal, Dillon Reservoir, Waterton Canyon and other areas. 

The Citizens Advisory Committee will address other topics of concern to Denver Water customers. Send the committee an email, or attend a meeting, which is held the third Thursday of each month.