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Water Plan Submittal — Step-By-Step Process for Plan Review


Denver Water is currently using Dropbox as our external file transfer software. All submittals must be via Dropbox for initiating a Plan Review. New to Dropbox? Please see this guide.

All plans submitted to Denver Water for new development, system improvements, relocation and/or other types of modification of Denver Water or distributor (district) distribution system must adhere to Denver Water’s Engineering Standards and CAD Standards.


For developments within the City and County of Denver, Total Service Contract Areas and Distributor Contract Areas:

  1. After meeting with the local fire department regarding emergency access, hydrant locations and site fire flow estimates, the Engineer shall request a pre-design meeting via email: [email protected].
  2. The Engineer shall provide documentation to aid in the review of the proposed project in development. These items are not required but may aid in a more thorough pre-design review:
    1. Type of building (e.g., residential, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, mixed use, etc.).
    2. Number of living units for multifamily.
    3. Type of water connection needed (e.g., fire line, domestic, hydrant or new/replacement main).
    4. External utility interference.
    5. Hazardous conditions (if known)
    6. Total acreage of irrigation
    7. Any water features such as pools, ponds, fountains
  3. The Water Sales Plan Review Coordinator (PRC) will hold a conceptual plan meeting with Denver Waters subject matter experts. The PRC will assist in the review of a conceptual plan set.
  4. The Consulting Engineer shall provide a Master Plan layout for large redevelopment areas and submit the concept design to the PRC.
  5. If the conceptual design is acceptable to Denver Water, the PRC will provide the Consulting Engineer with information to proceed to the Pre-Submittal Review.
    1. Points of connections
    2. Sizes, location and material of mains to be installed
    3. Special features such as control valves, PRVs, blow-offs, etc.
    4. Participation requirements
    5. Requirements for easements and/or dedicated public right-of-way

In distributor service areas, developer must notify distributor of pre-design meeting.


Prior to pre-submittal review, Denver Water requires that the designer/engineer meet with the appropriate fire protection agency for project requirements on fire hydrants and fire service lines.

For developments in the City and County of Denver or Total Service Contract Areas:

  1. The Consulting Engineer/Designer shall create a plan set in accordance with Denver Water’s Operating Rules, Chapter 2 and the current AutoCAD Standards Manual.
  2. The consulting Engineer shall create a Dropbox folder and upload the following items into their Dropbox folder:
    1. Full design layout in AutoCAD prepared in accordance with the current Denver Water CAD Standards.
    2. AutoCAD audit report of the “water only” sheets (each AutoCAD submittal).
    3. Multi-sheet DWF of the project created from AutoCAD.
    4. A full PDF version of the project will be required at first “Formal” submittal and each subsequent submittal.
    5. Recorded plat
  3. The Engineer shall request a Pre-Submittal Review via Dropbox and share link to [email protected].
  4. Sales Administration will reply to the consulting Engineer with confirmation of the assigned PRC.
  5. Plans will be reviewed by the PRC and Denver Water review comments will be returned to the Engineer within five business days from the time of initial acceptance email notification via Dropbox.
  6. The PRC will provide a cost estimate for the Plan Review Fees due at the time of the first formal plan submittal based on the proposed project scope.

For developments in Master Meter or Read and Bill Distributor Contract Areas:

Steps 1 through 6 shall apply. Denver Water will return comments to both the project engineer and the district. For the submittal process, files will be accepted using Dropbox.

For the pre-submittal process all forms of file transfer shall be accepted as long as Denver Water can access the files. These forms of submittal can be but not limited to:

  1. Dropbox
  2. Individual Firms transfer tool
  3. FTP
  4. CD
  5. Jump Drive

All file transfers from Denver Water to the Submitter shall be through Dropbox only.


After the pre-submittal comments are addressed, the Consulting Engineer shall submit the required information for formal plan review, via Dropbox only, to their assigned PRC Representative.

  1. The Consulting Engineer shall upload the following items into their Dropbox account:
    1. A completed Plan Acceptance Checklist.
    2. Formal comment response letter addressing pre-submittal comments.
    3. Full design layout in AutoCAD prepared in accordance with current Denver Water CAD Standards.
      1. An AutoCAD Audit Report of the “Water Only” sheet(s) is required for all submittals.
    4. Combined DWF set of the project created from the AutoCAD files.
    5. A full PDF version of the project with fire department’s signature (see below) will also be required on first and final submittals.
    6. A completed Fire Line/Domestic/Irrigation Connection Demand form and fixture count worksheet for each fire sprinkler line for multi-family units of three or more and for all commercial property.
    7. Residential Fire Line (NFPA 13D) may be submitted when applicable.
  2. Water Supply License
    1. An Application for Water Supply License is required for each fire line. A Stub-In permit (with exhibit) may be required at time of submittal or upon final approval.
    2. Domestic tap(s) will also require an Application for Water Supply License along with all associated fees. Domestic taps require the payment of fees at the time of the Application for Water Supply License. After the license/stub-in is processed, the fire and/or domestic tap number will be assigned by Denver Water.
    3. Contact the Tap Sales office at 303-628-6100 for all License requirements and associated fees.
  3. Plans will be reviewed and Denver Water review comments will be returned to the engineer within 7 business days from the time of notification via Dropbox.
  4. Plan Review fees must be paid in full at first submittal.
  5. A complete easement package, if applicable, shall be prepared in accordance with Chapter 4 of the Engineering Standards (not recorded).


Plans shall be resubmitted via Dropbox with a formal response letter addressing the Denver Water plan review comments received during Formal Plan Submittal. For each resubmittal, a response letter is required that addresses all redline comments; a new AutoCAD drawing with all changes is also required. Plans that require more than two formal submittals to obtain plan approval will be subject to additional review fees equal to the amount of the original review cost.

After the comments have been satisfactorily addressed and the design is accepted by Denver Water, the PRC will provide the Consulting Engineer a list of the outstanding items required for final plan approval such as but not limited to:

  1. Final Comment Response
  2. Final multi-sheet PDF and DWF
  3. A signed owner/developer compliance Agreement.
  4. Inspection fees.
  5. All recorded easement documents.


Once the required items have been submitted and associated fees have been paid, the plans will be approved by Denver Water and construction activities shall proceed in accordance with Chapter 2 of Denver Water’s Operating Rules.

  • Inside Denver and Total Service contract areas: the owner/developer must select a water line contractor from Denver Water’s Prequalified Contractor lists.
  • The water line Contractor or water District (if Read & Bill or Master Meter contract service area) shall call and schedule a pre-construction meeting a minimum of 48 hours prior to start of construction.
  • Water line contractor must have an approved Denver Water stamped set of plans at time of pre-construction meeting on the job site at all times.

Signing of Denver Water Drawings