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Help get the lead out

3 water sampling bottles
If you get a water test kit from Denver Water, help get the lead out by following the enclosed instructions to collect water samples for testing. Photo credit: Denver Water.

Denver Water’s Lead Reduction Program is sending FREE water test kits to selected customers.

Test results will help refine computer models showing where customer-owned lead service lines are buried in our community, and help us better plan where crews will go to replace those lines in coming years.

If you receive one, please follow the instructions inside and return samples of your home’s water for testing.

Test results from your samples will show if you potentially have sources of lead in your home’s plumbing or water service line.

If your service line contains lead, we will replace it in the future as part of the Lead Reduction Program at no direct charge to you. Denver Water is working to replace the estimated 64,000 to 84,000 lead service lines in our service area by the end of 2035.

With your help, we can get the lead out.