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Help get the lead out

Friendly reminders for the Lead Reduction Program:

Use the water pitchers and filters.

Customers in the program receive a free Brita water pitcher and filters certified to remove lead. Replacement filters are sent regularly. (Note: The Longlast filter is changing its name to Elite. The renamed filter will fit in the provided pitcher and is certified to remove lead.)

Watch for a survey.

Many customers in the program will receive a short survey this month asking how they use the water filter in their daily lives. Please complete the survey, as your answers help us improve the program

Last year, 81% of survey respondents said they use filtered or bottled water for cooking, drinking and preparing infant formula. It’s important that everyone in the program uses filtered water for these uses until six months after the lead service line is replaced.

Collect water samples, if asked.

Some customers are being sent kits, in boxes with Denver Water’s logo, to collect water samples from their faucets for testing. Please follow the instructions closely and return these test kits free of charge. The results will help us plan upcoming work.

And, if you’ve just moved into our community and live in a home that has or may have a lead service line, you’ll be hearing from us. An interactive map showing the possible locations of lead service lines in our service area is available at Lead Reduction Program.