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Community Partners and Events

Have you heard about the Lead Reduction Program from a neighbor? Have you received a water pitcher and filter from Denver Water? Want to know more?

Video replay: Virtual community meeting to help you prepare for lead service line replacement

Learn more about the Lead Reduction Program and what to expect before, during and after lead service line replacement.

Meeting Date Previously Recorded Meeting
Feb. 9, 2021 Recording



2020 video replays of virtual community meetings and FAQs

Throughout the summer of 2020, Denver Water hosted one-hour virtual meetings by neighborhood. These events gave an overview of the program, proper filter usage, and what to expect in years to come as Denver Water works to replace every customer-owned lead service line.

We’ve also added FAQs received during these meetings.

Meeting Date Neighborhood/Distributor Previously Recorded Meetings
June 11, 2020 Cole, Clayton, Congress Park, City Park, Speer, Washington Park West, Baker, East Colfax Recording

June 16, 2020
Five Points, Whittier, Skyland, Cole, Clayton, City Park, Cheesman Park, Barnum, Montclair Recording

June 18, 2020
Baker, Speer, Washington Park West, Platt Park, Cole, East Colfax Recording

June 25, 2020

Congress Park, City Park, Hale, Skyland, Montclair, Park Hill, East Colfax Recording

June 30, 2020

Sloan Lake, Jefferson Park, West Colfax, Villa Park, Barnum, Barnum West, Valverde, Westwood, Athmar Park Recording

July 7, 2020 West Highland, Highland, Sunnyside, Berkeley, Globeville, Chaffee Park, Regis, Lincoln Park, Capitol Hill, Elyria-Swansea Recording

July 9, 2020
Civic Center, North Capitol Hill, Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park, Country Club, Cherry Creek, Hilltop Recording

July 14, 2020 Washington Park, Belcaro, Cory-Merrill, University, Rosedale, University Park, Virginia Village, Wellshire Recording

July 16, 2020 Union Station, Central Business District, Jefferson Park, Lincoln Park, Valverde, Baker, Overland, Ruby Hill, Athmar Park, College View/South Platte, Harvey Park, Mar-Lee, Westwood, Barnum West, Sloan Lake Recording

July 21, 2020

Harvey Park, Harvey Park South, Bear Valley, Fort Logan, Marston, Wellshire, University Hills, Southmoor Park, Hampden South, Hampden, Goldsmith, Virginia Village, University Park, Indian Creek, Washington Virginia Vale, Windsor, Lowry Field, Hilltop, Montclair, Stapleton, Park Hill, Elyria Swansea Recording

Sept. 10, 2020 Suburban customers Recording

Oct. 13, 2020 Consolidated Mutual Recording



Denver Water is partnering with two community organizations that will be working on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis to share information on the Lead Reduction Program in multiple languages under our Ambassador Program. The goal of this partnership is to ensure that all Denver Water customers in the Lead Reduction Program will receive the same program information and resources no matter where they live or what language they speak.

  • iNOW (integration: Navigation, Outreach, Wealth-Building), is a project within the Trailhead Institute, that specializes in supporting refugee integration.
  • CREA Results is a community organization that specializes in supporting the Latinx community.