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Helping us get the lead out

Our crews work hard to replace thousands of old lead service lines every year. Photo credits: Denver Water.

The drinking water you receive from Denver Water is safe and lead-free, but some homes are at risk of exposure to lead from their own lead service line that connects their property to our system.

Since 2020, Denver Water has been communicating with households we know have or may have a lead service line and enrolled them into our Lead Reduction Program. If that's you, here are some friendly reminders:

Use the water pitchers and filters.

Customers in the program receive a free Brita water pitcher and filters certified to remove lead. Replacement filters are sent regularly. Use filtered water for cooking, drinking and preparing infant formula until six months after your lead service line is replaced. If you need a replacement pitcher or filter, please fill out this form, email or contact Customer Care at 303-893-2444. Please allow 10-15 business days for shipping.

Collect water samples, if asked.

We are sending some customers offers to receive a test kit and also sending some customers kits, in boxes with Denver Water’s logo, to collect water samples from their faucets for free water testing. Please follow the instructions and return the water samples, free of charge. The results will help us determine if your home has — or doesn’t have — a lead service line.

Watch for construction.

Through the addition of $76 million in federal funding, our Lead Reduction Program will replace an additional 3,000 to 5,000 lead service lines in 2023 and 2024, beyond the 5,000 already scheduled for replacement. Check Pipe Replacement and Lead Reduction Program Work Areas to see the more than 30 neighborhoods, including Athmar Park, Five Points and Park Hill, where our crews will be working in 2024.

New to our community?

If you’ve recently moved into our community and live in a home that has or may have a lead service line, check our interactive map showing the possible locations of lead service lines in our service area.