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Upgrade your sprinkler game during Smart Irrigation Month

Circular sprinkler rotary nozzle
Using high-efficiency rotary sprinkler heads can help your lawn absorb water, and help you use water wisely. Photo credit: Denver Water.

July is traditionally a time of high water use — it’s hot, and our lawns and landscapes need water.

It’s also Smart Irrigation Month, an opportunity to review sprinkler operations and make changes. Irrigation systems have improved over time, with sprinklers becoming more efficient.

Using water more efficiently saves water and reduces your water bill. We have lots of tips on how to reduce your water use.

One way to use less water is by replacing fixed spray sprinkler head nozzles with high-efficiency rotary versions.

Fixed-spray nozzles, the most common type of sprinkler heads, throw large amounts of water up in the air as a mist. They typically put out more water than our region’s hard clay soils can absorb quickly, and the misty water droplets can easily blow away if it’s windy.

Rotary nozzles spray water at a much slower rate, giving the ground more time to absorb the water. Also, they produce larger, heavier water droplets that are less likely to blow away.

These high-efficiency sprinkler heads deliver water using multiple rotating streams. Proper use requires longer run times per zone, but because they put out water slowly, they use the same or less water than fixed-spray heads.

Denver Water offers rebates on select models of high-efficiency rotary sprinkler heads, which can be found at home improvement and irrigation supply stores. Rebates also are available for smart irrigation controllers and toilets that carry the WaterSense label.