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Water wisely during Smart Irrigation Month

July is Smart Irrigation MonthJuly is a busy time for watering, which is why the Irrigation Association deemed it Smart Irrigation Month — an annual reminder to use water wisely.

Smart irrigation means keeping your system in shape. Do a walk-through of each watering zone once a week to check for:

  • Leaks and broken or clogged heads.
  • Filters that need to be cleaned.
  • Wet areas indicating leaks or low-head drainage.
  • Dry spots showing a need to adjust sprinkler heads.

Adjustments that can keep sprinkler heads in the efficiency game include:

  • Changing spray patterns or positions to water plants, not sidewalks or asphalt.
  • Removing obstructions that prevent even water distribution.
  • Moving head height as plants grow taller.

Get more tips and recommended watering times.