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During Smart Irrigation Month jam to a new twist on a familiar tune

You’re familiar with our annual summer watering rules, right? No watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., or when it’s windy. Only irrigate two days a week for most of the summer — add a third only during hot, dry spells.

But can you sing them?

Taking cues from the Backstreet Boys’ hit 1990s song, “I Want It That Way,” we’ve set the watering rules to a new jam with “I Water That Way,” by the Splashstreet Boys. (Trust us, you’ll be singing this all summer long.)


July also is Smart Irrigation Month, a time to consider leveling up your irrigation game.

You can install high-efficiency sprinklers, adjust your system’s control clock, or purchase a WaterSense-labeled irrigation control system that adjusts watering times based on local weather conditions and can be adjusted remotely.