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Upgrade your irrigation game

A smart sprinkler control system (pictured here) and high-efficiency rotary sprinkler heads can help you use water wisely. Photo credit: Denver Water.

With reservoirs not expected to completely fill this year and persistent drought conditions in Colorado, using water wisely is important for all of us. It’s also Smart Irrigation Month, meaning this month is a good opportunity to review and upgrade your irrigation game.

Irrigation systems have improved over time, sprinklers are more efficient and smart controllers can help you use only what you need.

Watering two days a week should be enough for your landscape during most of the summer — it’s only during extreme heat or dry periods that you should consider doing an extra third day, if needed.

Using water more efficiently saves water and reduces your water bill. Check our website for tips on how to reduce your water use.

Some ideas:

  • Replace fixed-spray sprinkler head nozzles with high-efficiency rotary versions that spray water at a lower rate, giving the ground more time to absorb the water.
  • Check and adjust your irrigation system’s control clock throughout the watering season, don’t “set it and forget it.”
  • Consider a WaterSense-labeled irrigation control system that can be controlled remotely and uses local weather and landscape conditions or soil moisture information (or both) for efficient water use.

Denver Water offers rebates on select models of high-efficiency rotary sprinkler heads, which can be found at home improvement and irrigation supply stores. Rebates also are available for smart irrigation controllers and toilets that carry the WaterSense label.