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Rotary/High-Efficiency Nozzles

Rotary/high-efficiency nozzles fit on most popup spray heads. Instead of a fixed stream of water, rotary/high-efficiency nozzles slowly deliver multiple rotating streams of water, reducing water waste. Because the water is applied more slowly, more water is able to soak into the soil.

Rotary/High-Efficiency Nozzle Benefits

  • Reduced runoff on slopes and clay soils.
  • Easy-to-install retrofits for pop-up irrigation heads.
  • Increased radius range.
  • Considerably less water flow per minute than conventional spray nozzles, reducing water use.
  • Better coverage.
Irrigation Problem Rotary/High-Efficiency Nozzle Solution
Hillsides Rotary/high-efficiency nozzles distribute less precipitation, reducing runoff.
Windy areas Rotary/high-efficiency nozzles distribute a wider stream of water, resulting in less drift from the wind.
Brown spots Rotary/high-efficiency nozzles provide better coverage, which can help eliminate brown spots.
Tall plants Rotary/high-efficiency nozzles have a stronger stream of water, which is able to reach taller plants.

Rotary/High-Efficiency Nozzle Watering Times

Rotary/high-efficiency nozzles use less water than fixed spray heads, but they require longer watering times.

  • Use the chart to determine the number of minutes to water each zone on the days you water. Remember, watering is not allowed between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Minutes to water per zone
(For bluegrass, based on sprinkler type.)

Watering Months Rotary nozzle

Rotary/high-efficiency nozzles

Fixed spray heads

Fixed spray heads

Rotor heads

Rotor heads

Manual sprinkler

Manual sprinklers

May 30 12 24 18
June 43 17 35 26
July 45 18 36 27
August 34 14 27 20
September 28 11 23 17
More Information

Denver Water offers a $3 rebate per rotary/high-efficiency nozzle, with a minimum purchase of 10 nozzles, on these eligible models.

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