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Request a Lead Test

Denver Water’s free water quality test for lead will help you identify if your residence (single-family and multi-unit) has a lead service line or household plumbing fixtures that contain lead. (Limit one test per household.)

If your residence has been identified on the inventory map as having a known or suspected lead service line you are enrolled in the Lead Reduction Program and do not need to request a test.

Having a lead service line doesn’t necessarily mean you have elevated levels of lead in your water. As part of the Lead Reduction Program, impacted customers will receive a free water pitcher, filter and replacement cartridges for up to six months after service line replacement, along with a free water quality test post-replacement.

Lead Test Request Form

Contact information


Property information

Address where sample will be taken (must be within service area)
Property type
Has Denver Water replaced all or part of the home's service line?
If you are unsure, type "I don't know". Homes built before 1951 are more likely to have lead service lines.  
Does the home's service line contain lead?
Have there been any recent plumbing upgrades?
Do you use any devices that filter your water?
Select the faucet location where samples will be taken
Select the floor level where sample will be taken

Infant information

Are you expecting, or have a formula-fed infant under the age of 24 months?