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Ethics and Fraud Reporting

Help us see the warning signs.Ethics Hotline

To report an ethics violation or check back on a report you’ve already made, click here or call 877-860-7258.

It is recommended employees use a computer outside of Denver Water’s network to ensure complete anonymity.



Letter from Jim Lochhead, CEO/Manager, Denver Water

Denver Water’s success is wholly dependent upon our staff, management, partners, vendors/ contractors, and Board acting in a manner that is legally, morally and ethically appropriate.

To provide you with a third-party, arms-length, and completely anonymous communications tool to report unethical, fraudulent, or inappropriate actions, Denver Water selected Ethical Advocate. Organizations (public and private) all over the nation use such firms for this kind of service.

I guarantee that incident reporters are completely anonymous and reports submitted via Ethics Advocate are confidential. You can also be confident that no retaliatory action will be tolerated against anyone for reporting or inquiring in good faith about a potential breach in policy; or against anyone seeking assistance about the process used to report a suspected breach in policy. Please refer to Personnel Policy 2-10, regarding Whistleblower Protection, if you have concerns in this regard.

The Board and I established the Ethics Hotline to provide a conduit for information on the following kinds of concerns:

  • Fraud/malfeasance
  • Unethical behavior
  • Security issues
  • Environmental concerns
  • Personnel issues
  • Safety issues

However, I also want to point out that this tool is not the appropriate vehicle for lodging personnel complaints, criticisms of your supervisor, or resolving other work-related problems. Please see Personnel Policy 2-11 for the appropriate approach to resolve these kinds of issues.

Your good faith report will be handled by Denver Water’s Internal Audit unit. This unit reports jointly to me and to the Board and has the independence and authority to look into and investigate any issue within the organization.

Jim Lochhead