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Use Only What You Need

Use Only What You Need logoAt some point in the past decade, Denver Water’s signature orange box asking customers to Use Only What You Need became advertising legend in the metro area, winning countless awards, prompting dozens of requests to buy the rights for the campaign, and even eliciting interest for use on specialty license plates.

The campaign came to a close in 2016, making way for a more broad-range message that will go beyond conservation and focus on other issues, including water quality, recreation and long-range planning, among others. It’ll still be unexpected, clever and fun, but it’ll be more individualized and make better use of the digital world. Think less billboard, more hashtag.

Still, the Use Only What You Need catchphrase will remain one of a kind, and its message will continue to help Coloradans embrace a culture of conservation long after the flowers sober up and the sandwich-board man has put his clothes back on.