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Denver Water People

Photo credit: Denver Water.

Denver Water knows that employee satisfaction means employee retention, which is at the heart of a sustainably run organization. To attract and retain the best talent, Denver Water focuses on safety, health, wellness and work-life balance for employees.

As a result, our employees have a passion for stewardship and are preparing for the future. Because it is the right thing to do. 

Goals that have been met

  • Denver Water supports employee committees that focus on inclusivity, wellness and environmental activism. 
  • Denver Water’s smoke-free campus includes smoking cessation programming at all facilities. 
  • Employees receive a transit pass to encourage alternative transportation opportunities.  

Current initiatives

In pictures

Planning for our future


Inspired people


  • Increase Denver Water safety maturity, a metric calculated from traditional safety measures of accidents, incidents, program quality metrics and cultural indicators, from a 3.75 to 4.2 by 2025. 


  • Maximize participation and benefits available through WELL Building Standard and other wellbeing certifications by implementing optimizations on Denver Water properties when applicable.  


  • Continue to offer sustainability awareness training through communication, education events, lunch and learns, coffee breaks, and new employee orientation. 
  • Expand and improve supplier diversity strategy to strengthen relationships and create more business opportunities for small, minority- and women-owned businesses
  • Continue to promote telework and flexible work opportunities for safety and health of employees. 
  • Facilitate collaborations to support employee pilot innovations and sustainable improvements to our operations. 
  • Promote professional development for future leaders. 
  • Continue to improve sustainable transportation incentives and programs for employees. 
  • Continue to improve employee wellbeing at all Denver Water locations with options for physical activity and healthy food.