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No-Fault Main Break Assistance Program

We understand that having a water main break impact your property can be emotionally and financially stressful and we want to work with you to help make things right. Unlike many water utilities, Denver Water has a program for assisting property owners impacted by no-fault water main breaks. This webpage will explain the “no-fault main break assistance program” and help answer questions about available services, payments and limitations.

Background: Under the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act, Denver Water is not responsible for damages resulting from a no-fault water main break. However, we understand that property owners are left in a challenging situation because standard property insurance typically excludes damage from water main breaks. This is why Denver Water has created a program to help our customers in these situations.

Assistance provided: Under this program, Denver Water provides:

  • Emergency response and water mitigation services.
  • Payment for temporary lodging (up to program limits) when a home is uninhabitable because of water damage.
  • Payments for restoring damaged property (up to program limits) to its pre-flood condition, including contractor costs (based on an estimate provided by Denver Water’s claims adjuster).
  • Limited payments for damage to uninsured personal property.
  • Payments to cover damage to vehicles up to the applicable vehicle insurance deductible.

More details

Emergency response and water mitigation services

Emergency response services include pumping or vacuuming out water, removing debris, securing electric or gas lines and removing hazards to make the premises safe for entry. Mitigation services include drying out affected areas, cutting of drywall, removing flooring/carpets and repairing major appliances that are required for habitability (e.g., furnaces, water heaters, etc.). These services are provided by Denver Water at no cost to the homeowner.

Temporary lodging payment

If the water main break makes a home uninhabitable, Denver Water will pay for up to 14 days of temporary lodging at a rate not to exceed the current U.S. General Services Administration rate for lodging. In applicable circumstances, Denver Water may also provide payment to the impacted customer for the cost of storing personal property at a storage facility while services are carried out.

Restoration payment

Denver Water will offer a payment based on an estimated cost of restoring damaged uninsured property to its pre-flood condition. Payments for restoring damaged property will be based upon an estimate provided to Denver Water by its own authorized professionally trained claims adjuster. Outside estimates will not be considered.

Personal property loss and vehicle deductible payments

Denver Water will offer a payment of up to $21,250 to cover uninsured personal property damage. This payment is also based on an estimate provided to Denver Water by its own authorized professionally trained claims adjuster. If a vehicle is damaged and an insurance claim is made, Denver Water will also provide payment to cover the insurance policy deductible, up to $1,000.

General conditions

With any of these payments or services, Denver Water may ask for proof of insurance and, if applicable, for you to file a claim with your insurer as insured losses will not be eligible for payment. Property owners are free to refuse any or all services and payments. However, you should be aware that Denver Water only considers claims for payments or services specifically authorized in this program. Program benefits vary based on whether the affected property is commercial or residential.

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