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Beautiful Xeric Landscape

  • Water use: Less than 1 gallon per square foot of irrigated area
  • Neighborhood: Park Hill
    Amy’s zest for converting turf to water-wise landscapes has a history in Park Hill. She is ditching the grass at her new home in the neighborhood. Read on for details on her current remodel, and see this video to take in the beautiful views.


Xeric: Why

“I wanted to minimize water usage, and loved the idea of using native plants and discovering low-water plants from around the world.”

Xeric: How

Thanks to a blend of patience and diligence, Amy and her husband have been converting their 11,000-square-foot lot in phases. Other than hiring a contractor to bring in boulders, they’ve done all the handiwork themselves.

Xeric: Why she loves it

“There are many butterflies and bees and flowers blooming through much of the year. I also love sitting on the rocks and walking through the gardens on flagstone paths.”

Xeric: Why Denver Water loves it

Her landscape has such a beautiful variety of plants that it’s impressive — especially because her outdoor water use is close to nothing, year-round.

Xeric: How it's efficient

If we compare Amy’s barely-there water use to what she’d use for turf, she’s saving about 133,000 gallons each year.

Xeric: Her maintenance route

“Tightly planted areas need minimal weeding, just deadheading. It is best if I go through the garden weekly for an hour or two, otherwise some areas need intensive catch-up.”

Xeric: Her advice for neighbors

Research — a lot. Talk to other homeowners, take classes. (True to her own advice, Amy has a history of taking the time to learn, including taking classes Denver Water offered in the 1980s.)