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Garden In A Box Landscape

  • Water use: 4 gallons per square foot of irrigated area
  • Neighborhood: Park Hill

Tara's Garden in a Box
Tara’s interest in using less water spans the Continental Divide. She grew up in Summit County and understands that Front Range water users rely heavily on supplies from the west. She sees water-wise landscapes as a path to better relationships. Here are the details on her remodel.

Garden in a Box: Why

As a beginner gardener, Tara is interested in native plants not only because they require less water, but also less maintenance.

Garden in a Box: How

Tara found a Garden In A Box set to fill a narrow strip her yard that’s difficult to irrigate and prone to runoff. Cost was about $120 for the garden and $175 for soil.

Garden in a Box: Why she loves it

It’s been amazing to witness the weed-ridden area’s transformation. “It’s beautiful! We drive by the front on our way home to admire it before parking in the back.”

Garden in a Box: Why Denver Water loves it

Tara was very educated about how landscape change impacts water resource management and planning.

Garden in a Box: How it's efficient

She is planning to retrofit even more areas of her yard in the years to come and continue to use Garden In A Box plants as she goes.

Garden in a Box: Her maintenance routine

Watering by hand instead of using an irrigation system isn’t much work. Tara uses a hose to quench her turf’s thirst and to spray younger gardens. She cuts plants back for winter.

Garden in a Box: Her advice for neighbors

“Amend or use good soil! Give a new garden some time (a year) … it will most certainly grow. Mulch helps keep the weeds down and moisture in.”