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How does your summer water use measure up?

Every summer, Denver Water emails personalized water use reports to single-family residential customers. This report helps you understand how much water you are using during the outdoor watering season so you use water wisely.

Denver Water, working with water and landscape professionals, determined that 12 gallons of water per square foot of mixed-use landscape per year is a good goal for efficient outdoor water use.

Mixed-use landscapes include alternative landscape types, like xeric or native plants and grass, vegetable gardens and bluegrass turf.

The monthly water use report compares your use to the annual goal, like this:

Graph that details water usage against annual goal

The report also tells you how you did the previous month:

Smiley face indicating that monthly efficiency target was met.

Following the summer watering rules is a good way to be water-smart in our arid climate — and have a healthy landscape.