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Veggie Garden Landscape

  • Water use: 9 gallons per square foot of irrigated area
  • Neighborhood: Park Hill

Tracy, Ben and their son stand in their veggie garden
Tracy, Ben and their son ditched their front lawn in favor of a vegetable garden after moving here in June 2014. Here are the details on their remodel.


Veggies: Why

“We wanted to grow veggies and save water. Lawns are boring!” (Why focus on the front? They designated the back as territory for Peaches the Rottweiler.)

Veggies: How

They hired landscapers, who removed the turf, built five raised beds and a wall, adapted the irrigation system, added mulch and rock and planted Xeriscape perennials and shrubs. Cost was about $12,000.

Veggies: Why they love it

“People find it interesting and often stop to ask about it, and it’s a fun way to meet neighbors. We love growing veggies and attract lots of bees.”

Veggies: Why Denver Water loves it

This is proof that a veggie garden can be bountiful and beautiful at the same time. When we stopped to chat, we were surprised to learn that Ben was not only a customer but also a co-worker. We’re proud to see Denver Water employees walk the talk of conservation.

Veggies: How it's efficient

They use about 9 gallons per square foot — which is great, especially with turf in the back for the dog and produce in the garden beds.

Veggies: Their maintenance route

They plant their own veggies once a year, weed once a week and water regularly using drip irrigation.

Veggies: Their advice for neighbors

Instead of sending the old sod to the landfill, the landscapers layered the cuttings as backfill behind the new wall.