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Winter is coming, are you ready?

Person raking leaves.
Enjoy the cool fall days as you get ready for winter indoors and out. Photo credit: iStock.

October is an important time to help prepare your landscape and irrigation system for the cold months ahead.

Here are some tips to ensure your yard is ready to weather the winter:

  • Take a rake to your lawn. Use the leaves you gather to create compost or cover cold-sensitive perennials.
  • Do a round of tree, shrub and perennial pruning to promote blooming and control growth. Shred the removed plant material to top off your compost piles.
  • If you haven’t yet, winterize your sprinkler system to avoid a freeze-thaw-freeze cycle, which can create cracks and lead to leaks. Turn off the water, drain valves and use compressed air to blow remaining water out of lines.
  • Garden hoses should be disconnected, drained and rolled up for storage. While you’re at it, drain outdoor faucets and exposed pipes as added protection against freeze-related damage.

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