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Water Education Resource Guide

Investigations and Expert Curriculum Support for Colorado’s Water Reality

Denver Water’s Water Education Resource Guide (WERG) contains information and activities to help educators and students explore water use and supply in the Denver area. These materials are meant to serve as a resource to enhance water-related studies in the classroom and complement Colorado academic standards. The materials in the WERG were developed for sixth grade, however investigations can be adapted for younger or older audiences. The investigations promote hands-on, authentic student experiences that encourage a deeper appreciation of water’s importance in our daily lives and the work that goes into providing a clean, reliable water supply.

Denver Water YouthEd encourages the use of the WERG in many educational settings. A sample of the investigations can be found within the larger themes, and the full digital copy can be accessed below free of charge.

Water Education Resource Guide

The Water Education Resource Guide is divided into the following larger themes:

Water on Earth

Investigations include visualizing Earth’s water, exploring the water cycle, and creating a model of the water cycle.

Water in Colorado

Investigations include an interactive map, watersheds, the Continental Divide, and water rights and water law.

Denver Water

Investigations include what is a water utility and the history of Denver Water.

Wise Water Use and Conservation

Investigations include how much water do I use, reducing water use and becoming more efficient, wise water use in the neighborhood, and creating a public awareness campaign.

There are several standard features in the WERG:

  • Section Overview — An overview of the investigations in the section, general information about presumed student background knowledge, relevant vocabulary and curricular priorities.
  • Investigations — Investigations are designed to explore a water-related topic within the larger theme of the section. Investigations are guided by a set of inquiry questions, which serve as sparks for discussion, exploration and reflection. Care has been taken to use easy-to-obtain materials and supplies in all of the investigations.
    • Some investigations employ specific instructional practices. 
  • Student Readings — Each section has one or more student readings connected to the student learning outcomes.
    • Nonfiction Essays: These provide students with authentic and challenging reading opportunities. Essays may include tables, graphs, charts and illustrations.
    • Career Connections: Short interviews with Denver Water employees about their jobs, career preparation, likes and interests. These readings can be used to help students connect the content they are learning to possible future careers. Career Connections highlight the variety of jobs available within Denver Water or other similar utilities.

Explore each of the themes to learn more about the Resource Guide investigations and information.