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Wise Water Use and Conservation

Investigation 6.1: How Much Water Do I Use?

Students will perform an audit to gather information about their indoor water use and calculate the amount of water they use each day. Using this data, they will determine what steps they can take to become more water efficient. Students will investigate the difference between conservation and efficiency and understand that individual changes in behavior can have a large impact on water savings.

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Investigation 6.2: Reducing Water Use and Becoming More Efficient

Students will further investigate their water use by looking at “hidden water.” Hidden water is the water used to produce and use all sorts of everyday items, from computers to clothes to food. Students will research and develop suggestions for improving water efficiency and water conservation. Students will also look at how much water they can save by altering some of their own water-use behavior.

Water Footprint Calculator

Video: Planet Forward Class. (2015, Nov. 3). The Hidden Water Footprint. (1:30).

Video: National Geographic. (2015, Dec. 10). Our Water Footprint: Breakthrough. (2:00).

Video: Climate Change. (2016, April 27). The Hidden Sources of Water Use. (4:00).

Investigation 6.3: Wise Water Use in the Neighborhood

Students will analyze and use data representing actual water use in a Denver-area neighborhood to gather clues about current water use behavior and develop recommendations for improving water efficiency.

Investigation 6.4: Create a Public Awareness Campaign

Students will use their knowledge about water, their analyses and examples from the various Denver Water public-awareness campaigns to devise their own campaign to promote sustainability, conservation and/or water efficiency. They will use Denver Water’s mission statement as a guide to create a unique water-saving message.

A Colorado Water Story

Some helpful resources to help explore wise water use:

Denver Water resources:

Links to other organizations:

Reading: Water Efficiency and Conservation. American Rivers.

Video: Reveal. (2012, Aug. 1). The Hidden Costs of Hamburgers. (7:51).

Video: National Geographic. (2015, Dec. 9). Breakthrough: Angela Bassett on the Water Problem. (2:13).

Video: National Geographic. (2015, Dec. 9). Breakthrough: Solving the Water Problem. (2:20).