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Denver Water

Investigation 5.1: What is a Water Utility?

Students will learn the basic components of any fully functioning water system. Students will be presented with various scenarios and asked to identify the components within each scenario.

Video: Denver Water. (2013, Sept. 25). Your Denver Water. (2:25)

Video: Denver Water. (2012, April 16). Where Does Denver’s Water Come From? (2:05)

Investigation 5.2: The History of Denver Water

Students will read and become experts on part of Denver Water’s system. In small groups, students will collaborate to create a basic timeline of important events in Denver’s water history.

Video: Denver Water. (2012, April 16). History of Denver Water. (3:56)

Video: DC8TV. (2010, March 10). Cheesman Dam. (10:48)

Denver Water’s Youth Education Department offers a variety of presentations tailored to fit your specific classroom needs. This section is designed to supplement classroom presentations, so please schedule a presentation for your students. Denver Water experts will explain the treatment process, the journey of Denver’s water, how we keep our watersheds safe, and more. If you have questions please contact Denver Water Youth Ed at 303-219-0567 or