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Lead Reduction Program Key Metrics Dashboard

Lead Reduction Program Key Metrics

You may also download dashboard. Descargue las medidas clave del Programa de reducción de plomo.

As the Lead Reduction Program moves forward, we want to provide customers with updates on program progress and milestones. Updated dashboards will be posted on a monthly basis beginning in June 2020.

The dashboard reflects activity around the five main components of the Lead Reduction Program:

  • pH adjustment: Increasing the pH level of the water to reduce the risk of lead and other metals getting into drinking water from lead service lines or household plumbing.
  • Inventory: Developing and maintaining a publicly accessible inventory of all customer-owned lead service lines in Denver Water’s service area. The service line is the pipe that brings water into the home from the main in the street.
  • Lead Service Line Replacement: Replacing all lead service lines with copper lines at no direct charge to the customer.
  • Filter Program: Providing a free water pitcher, filter and replacement filters, certified to remove lead, to all customers suspected of having lead services lines until six months after their line is replaced.
  • Ongoing: Communication, outreach and education programs.

At Denver Water, we, like all of you, are closely monitoring and evolving our response to COVID-19. Most importantly, the water we deliver is safe and there is no threat of COVID-19 in the water system. We have and continue to make adjustments to how we are implementing the Lead Reduction Program in response to COVID-19. As the first year of the program moves forward, we will be increasing our rate of replacements in keeping with COVID-19 guidelines.